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10:25 pm April 10, 20175843

also on the Mac, you must format a disk before it is ready for use. Read in this guide step by step, how formatting works.

caution – to format the hard drive on the Mac deleting all data that exist on the hard disk!


format hard drive the hard drive, first connect with your Mac. Then you can format hard drive with the start.

  1. run disk utility. To find you on your Mac in the folder / applications / utilities .
  2. select

  3. now with one click in the left column of that drive, that you want to format.
  4. the name of the hard disk appears then blue indicator. (In this example, we use a hard drive that is not yet partitioned. If you see other entries under the name of the hard disk, the disk is already partitioned. Click on one of the entries below the name, to format a partition.)
  5. as next click once on delete .
  6. format already Mac OS extended (journaled) is registered. If you use the hard drive only with the Mac, you should choose this format.
  7. If you want to operate the hard drive also on other operating systems such as Windows, click the list box next to format and select a different one. We recommend ExFAT for data exchange with Windows .
  8. the format is selected, enter a name.
  9. If you are sure that no important data are more on the hard drive, click on delete .
  10. you see once again a question.  If you are sure, click Delete once again . Now, Mac OS X formatted your hard disk.
Dateisystem für das Formatieren der Festplatte auswählen
In general, you should use the default Mac filesystem

according to the formatting you will see a new entry with the name of the just formatted partition left in the disk utility.

under this name, you can use the hard drive now.

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