Mac: find out IP address

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to find out the IP address of the Mac or MacBook? Then read our guide.

IP address on Mac determine

results in the easiest way to find out the IP address to the Mac via system preferences. The following steps are necessary:

  1. open system settings. Click network
  2. .
  3. in the overview window that appears you will see the active network connections marked in green. In the details pane right you will find the corresponding IP address.
  4. to find out the address of another network connection, you click on it. (See the address but only, if the adapter is active).
Die IP-Adresse eines Mac finden Sie in den Systemeinstellungen.
find the IP of a Mac in system preferences.

Find out IP address of the Wi-Fi connection

it is particularly easy to detect the IP of the Wi-Fi connection.

  • press and hold the [alt] and click on the wireless icon in the menu bar. Check the IP address on the wireless network.
WLAN-Adresse auf dem Mac
with one click, you see, what IP address your Mac in the Wi-Fi.

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IP address in the terminal of the Mac

another way to find the IP address on Mac leads via the Terminal.

run the terminal program

you type the command

 ifconfig en0 

(the last character it is the digit zero). Now, the IP address of your network interface appears.

ifconfig im Terminal
with ifconfig, you find out what IP address your Mac for.

If you have enabled multiple network interfaces, including Wi-Fi, you can see it still try with

 ifconfig en1 

then the IP address for the second interface.

If you will not find it, you can try it also with

 ifconfig | more 

and to scroll through the complete output of the command.

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