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2:45 am April 20, 20179604

I will show in this manual how to the DNS server IP addresses on a Mac changes. To do that for example, to dissolve slightly faster Web pages. Server some DNS to rarely make updates of your list so that a server move of a Web page long time incorrectly rendered.


  • click on the Apple logo
  • click click on system settings

OS X Systemeinstellungen

OS X Netzwerkeinstellungen

  • more options

  • click above on the tab DNS
  • click on the plus sign +

  • Add now the DNS server IP addresses of your choice
  • I by Google entered:

2001:4860:4860:: 8888

2001:4860:4860:: 8844

  • confirm with OK
  • apply

then click so, now we are actually ready. However, it may be that your MacBook for stored previously visited Web pages in the system, therefore, we need to clear the cache.

sudo dscacheutil-flushcache; sudo killall-HUP mDNSResponder

  • then you must confirm with your admin password.
  • now we are ready 🙂

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