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7:19 am April 22, 20176093

you want to see the connected hard disks of your Mac as icons on the desktop? Or in the side bar of the Finder display? Read our tip, how to display the drives on the desktop.

Mac drives on desktop viewing

  1. make you sure that you are in the Finder and links on top of your Mac screen is Finder .
  2. Finder Preferences, click and click to generally.
  3. use these objects on the desktop display in a tick against hard drives .
  4. now the drive of your Mac on the desktop appears.
Mac Festplatten-Laufwerke auf dem Schreibtisch anzeigen
with an option in the Finder can show you the Mac hard drive on the desktop allow.

Read here how all files in the Finder the file extensions you display . The display

drives in the Finder sidebar

  1. simply navigate in the Finder.
  2. then click on Finder Preferences and click sidebar in . Under devices
  3. here you select the entry hard drives .
  4. you close the settings window again and you see the Macintosh HD in the side bar of the Finder – however somewhat further down under devices .
Option zur Anzeige von Festplatten in der Seitenleiste des Finder
find option to display the disks in the sidebar of Finder

In the next tip, such as renaming multiple files of to .