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you want to print a directory on the Mac? If you want to have the file name, and other directory information on paper with Mac OS X or need for further processing as a text, there are several possible ways to reach the target.

so you get the directory contents on the fly

works with the help of the most uncomplicated way of OS X contained text editor.

to start the program of TextEdit, which should show a blank new document. Already one is loaded, you simply create a new document using [Cmd – N] .

by default TextEdit is the mode where you can set text formatting and font sizes. For our purposes it definitely must be “Pure text mode”. You can reach either using the keyboard shortcut [Umschalten – Cmd – T] or the menu.

If you have the correct mode, you see the lack of formatting options at the top of the text window. This so simply must look like this right in the picture.

to the list of file names appears, you need the text mode by TextEdit.

Then you go with the Finder to the directory whose contents you need and mark all desired files, i.e. via [Cmd – A] for all of the files in the folder.

select all desired files

so the full file name, including copy path

drag the selected files from the Finder window into the TextEdit window with the mouse. Thus, you get a file list, as shown here in the picture.

TextEdit Gets the full path to the file drag & drop that each row contains file name with its full path


you want to have only pure file name, such as “IMG_5245.JPG”, could achieve that through search & replace the same opening credits, so “/ users/ms/images /” against an empty string. It goes and even easier.

to use only to reach the file name alone

the use not drag & drop like before.

instead press the Finder window [Cmd – C] , to copy the selected file names to the Clipboard.

then go to the TextEdit window, and paste the names there via [Cmd – V] .

now have the pure file names that you need to only print in the text file.

copy the name of the Clipboard, only the name of the file to be inserted.

To print a directory using the shell from

this method is then offered, when you have become familiar with the shell and need as much additional information about the files, such as size, date modified, or file attributes.

start the program terminal . With the help of the command replace cd in the directory whose file name you want to print. [

then enter following command line:

ls la > ~/Desktop/dateiliste-xyz.txt

command ls Mac OS X displays the contents of the current folder. The parameter la make sure the files as a detailed list with all details are printed. ( documentation about the ls command .)

Verzeichnisinhalt als Textdatei auf Mac
directory contents as a text file on Mac

with > redirect the output of the directory. In our example, the data in the file on the desktop of your Mac land file list xyz.txt . From here, you can open the file with an editor and easily edit or print. [

Tip: Alternatively you can also on the change in the directory and specify the list command with the correct directory, for example:

ls la/just/a/example/> ~/Desktop/dateiliste-beispiel.txt

thanks easier printing utility

If you often have the task to print directory contents and the previous methods are too uncomfortable to you , you can solve the also through a program such as Print window .

the program print window makes the expression of a directory content a breeze.

The advantage here is that you easily can choose from many options, such as page layout, font or the amount of file information.

the possibility of practically, not just the current directory level, but also the contents of subdirectories to spend


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