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on the Mac, you can easily change the desktop and switch to a different desktop view. Apple calls these virtual desktops “Spaces”. With a keyboard shortcut, you can quickly switch to.

keyboard shortcut, go to the desktop

  • which is keyboard shortcut [ctrl – Pfeiltaste rechts] , to switch a desk surface to the front
  • [ctrl – Pfeiltaste links] you can to scroll back.

Tip: with a touchpad, the desks can be also changed. Put three fingers on the pad and wipe left or right.

read here how to add more desks on the Mac .

  1. open the Control Panel on Mac OS X and select the keyboard change

    keyboard shortcut to toggle.

  2. then click on shortcuts.
  3. in the left column, click mission control , right then see the available options.
  4. very below is the opening entry mission control . If it is not already open, click on the small triangle before.
  5. under the entry see the entries move left a space and move a space to the right .
  6. behind the entries you each find the keyboard shortcut.
  7. to change the shortcut keys, click once on the entry, so that he appears dark blue background.
  8. then click right again on the icon for the shortcut key. They appear then light blue background.
  9. now press the key combination with the they want to toggle the desk in one or another direction in the future.
  10. then repeat the process with the other direction.
  11. you can then close the control panel and switch to using the new keyboard shortcuts between the desktops.
Tastenkombination Schreibtisch umschalte
see System Preferences keyboard shortcuts

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