Lync: Status “do not disturb” [Quick Guide]

10:45 pm October 25, 201613454

I. introduction

when you change your status by the “do not disturb”, no one can start a conversation with you. This status is suitable when you want to focus on a topic and you do not want to be disturbed. The problem is that even members of your own team can contact you.  The solution: create a working group.

II. implementation

initially, Lync options visit:


then in the ‘Alerts’ menu change the behavior of the ‘ do not disturb ‘.


Finally, you need to add contacts to this working group. To do this in your group list, select a user you want to add, then right click on it and click on “Working group”:


III. Conclusion

to see a list of users that are part of your workgroup, go to the tab “connections”. This will allow your team to write you even if your “do not disturb” is active.