Loco Translate to simply translate WordPress [Quick Guide]

1:14 pm April 10, 20176010

when creating a blog or a WordPress site, the simplest and cheapest solution is often to buy a Premium theme and install it. But whether you’re now on the web as an amateur or a professional, there are often want to have a warm space that inspires confidence, where users feel good. And for me, this means the language used in the site.

The Premium themes are all default English : not only that betrays the use of a theme, but it can annoy the user. Well, honestly, I think that there are all used to the Read More , You may also like , Leave a and company and that it bothers most large world. But I am convinced translate its theme remains a good practice to personalize its site and make it more coherent , more accessible, more pleasant to my readers. And especially more professional!

traduction wordpress

But then how? because Yes, like everyone else, I myself am torn off some hair the first time I wanted to translate my theme. So I want to share with you a simple and easy to implement solution. It’s the Loco Translate free plugin, which allows you to create translation files directly in your back-office.

You can download it here or install it directly from the WordPress extensions library.

loco translate

when the plugin is installed and activated, a new tab appears at the bottom of your dashboard:

loco translate

If you click the sub-tab Themes , you will have an overview of all of your themes, and on the sub-tab Plugins , all of your plugins. So, you can create a translation files for each of these themes and plugins. For this tutorial, Let’s translate the Premium theme candlestick.

The screen below shows that there was no translation file. So, we’ll create one to translate our theme in french.

loco translate

Start by clicking on New language .

Most of the Premium themes are prepared for translation, but they are sometimes in a different way: they have a template of PO file (i.e. a .pot file that contains the text in the original language, without translation or language information), either a file in.

If your theme for a PO file template, then you can proceed to the next step without problem and create your first translation file. If your theme does not model of PO file and does not contain that file, then Translate Loco will advise you to create a. You can therefore create or choose to skip this step. If you don’t create a template, your French translation file will sync directly from the source code, and Loco Translate warns you by specifying that this may be slower. Well, honestly I proceeded in this way several times and I’ve never seen any slowdown.

You arrive on the page that allows you to create a new translation file. Simply select your language in the list and click on Start Translating .

loco translate

The list of translatable texts and tedious work begins. To translate the lines one by one. Regarding me, I translate only the lines that appear on the front end and jump all the lines that apply back-office (for example, all options and settings of the theme). I recommend you do the same if you go spend way too much time!

Revert button allows you, at any time, to cancel the lines that you have translated but not yet saved. If you have saved, already translated lines will remain it. If you’re unsure of a translation, you can select the line and click on Fuzzy : it appears in a different color. I’ve never used function, but it can be used if for example many people focus on the translation.

loco translate

Once you have translated all the lines that you want to translate, you can click Save on . Loco Translate generates a .mo file that will be used to display the text on your site. You can also, by clicking on the buttons PO and MO right, download these two files directly.

At anytime, you can revisit your translation again in the tab Themes of Loco Translate, and clicking on the translation file that appeared:

loco translate

Finally, be aware that if you update your plugin, or your theme, your translations will be stored, you won’t lose your work.

Use the Loco Translate plugin is a simple, free, fast and effective solution . He is taken in hand without difficulty, we don’t manipulate files, everything takes place in the back office. I never met a problem with this plugin. However there is a good alternative I advocate more: Poedit . Indeed, the addition of plugins to excess can quickly become a problem on a WordPress installation, and as long as I can avoid to install a plugin, I avoid.

In the end, Loco Translate brings ease, but he does not win a considerable time compared to Poedit for example. In addition, Poedit for some nice perks, such as the suggestions of translation or memorization of your translations: If you translate often themes, you will save time, because some lines of text back systematically. I got really taste to these two features!

To conclude, the plugin Loco Translate is a good solution for beginners who want a simple and effective tool without leaving the back-office. For those wishing to go a little further and who are already comfortable with the operation of the translations on WordPress, so I strongly recommend Poedit, which is also very easy to use!