Local SEO: positioning factors 2017 by Moz! [Exclusive Guide]

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Local SEO: positioning factors 2017 by Moz!

moz seo local 2017

Moz for just published its annual survey on positioning local SEO factors that have, according to the most impact on Google. This is what we must remember.

this study local positioning SEO factors 2017 for been orchestrated by Moz on the basis of the analysis of the responses from nearly 40 local SEO experts. It is important to know that the results presented here are derived from evidence and not Google directly.

local SEO: what are the main factors for positioning in 2017?

facteurs positionnement SEO local 2017

what factors of positioning to boost its ranking in Google Maps and the Google Maps inset in search results?

the study of Moz class the different factors of positioning by order of importance, of those who have the greatest impact on those who have the least:

  • 1 – factors related directly to Google My Business page: geographic view of the company with the geolocation of the user, address of the company in the city targeted by the request of the user , category selected by the company for its My Business page, keyword in the title of the page Google My Business…: 19%
  • 2 – factors related to links (to the site and Google My Business page): anchors of links, authority of the domain which makes the link, number of referring domains: 17%
  • 3 – signals-page : presence of the company details (phone number, address, and name (NAP)), key words in the Title, authority of the domain name tag,…: 14%
  • 4 – quotes from the company : presence in the yellow pages and other directories, identical coordinates on all sites, volume of quotations,…: 13%
  • 5 – factors related to the notice on the page Google My Business : number of opinion, diversity of opinions,…: 13%
  • – 6 positioning factors related to the behavior of users : click rates, number of clicks to call in mobile, check-ins,…: 10%
  • – 7 factors related to customization : 10%
  • – 8 factors related to social networks : commitments generated on Twitter, Facebook, Google +. : 4%

what factors of positioning to boost its ranking in the organic search results and Google location?

  • – 1 factors related links: 29%
  • 2 – signals-page: 24%
  • – 3 signals related to the behaviour of Internet users: 11%
  • 4 – the personalization of results: 9%
  • – 5 signals related to citations: 8%
  • – 6 signals related to Google My Business page: 7%
  • – 7 signals related to the notice : 7%
  • 8 – social signals: 4%

local SEO: here is the complete list of positioning factors listed in order of importance

this infographic present the complete list of positioning factors ranked by importance based on the objective sought:

  • referencing on the Insert Google Maps which is displayed in search results
  • SEO in the Google maps business search engine
  • listing in the results organic local

other factors are also presented as those who have the most negative impact on local SEO or those on which experts focus since the last update Google Possum .

infographie facteurs positionnement SEO local

to access the full, it is here: https://moz.com/local-search-ranking-factors

If you want to compare these with those of 2015, 2017 positioning factors we recommend reading this article which presented the results of the same study in 2015 .

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