List of professional wordpress themes and free [Full Guide]

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then create a blog or a professional Web site, choosing a wordpress theme is an extremely important step. Indeed, compliance with the w3c standards, the page layout and the flexibility to display are part of the aspects taken into account in the ranking of search engines. But between the options of automatically installed bases, the official catalogue and the plurality of the paid offers, it is often laborious to find the rare Pearl. Off, visitors are very attentive to the style, originality and the ergonomics of web pages they frequent. Therefore, quickly install visually attractive and carefully designed themes for seo to ensure a pleasant navigation to your potential readers in parallel with the development of your SEO strategies. WordPress being a dynamic cms with a huge community, you will have no difficulty in finding professional and free themes via your administration or the Web interface. Just to have a little time to lose, and a little experience to know where to look. For your convenience, we think useful to provide a list of “magazine” themes that give you access to a multitude of customization options without paying a dime.

Oxygen is a completely free professional wordpress theme (without paid option or premium) developed by Alienwp . It fits all screen resolutions and is optimized for mobile display. It is a theme parent using the Hybrid Core framework technology , which facilitates the creation of “child themes”. Its composition is light and fluid, perfect for seo. It is possible to highlight the items manually, by tags or categories via a slider on the home page. Oxygen has 3 menus, 5 spaces flexible widgets which many under the content area, areas dedicated to display advertising, customizable options, a system of change of background images, an integrated lightbox and translations (in the format of .po/.mo) files in French. Documentation of Oxygen is very detailed and well explained. This topic is recommended for learn to work its layout and explore the new wordpress core. See details of Oxygen .
Oxygen thème wordpress

Virtue is a paid with a professional version free wordpress theme. It was created by Kadence Themes and is part of the most downloaded in the official directory of the cms. It is a versatile product under license GNU General Public License v3.0. Options basics are very numerous and make it completely optional purchase of the full version. Virtue has a clear design built with html5 and css3. Its display is adapted to mobile, tablets and all resolutions screens desktop. This theme is made for more personal sites of business, shop online, portfolio or blogs. Options allow to touch to the page layout (layout), items on display (sliders), the customization of the font without touching css. Like any professional themes, Virtue is designed to receive files .po translations, so you won’t hurt to install it in french.  See details of Virtue .
Virtue thème wordpress

Colormag is a completely free (freemium) wordpress theme developed by Themegrill . It is quite suitable to the professional blogging, to the press activity or portals of style magazines. Under the GNU GPL license, its design is clear and uncluttered. It has 8 columns of widgets, a slider on the home page, a space of customization for the logo and header pages, icons of sharing for social networks, customizable primary colors, adaptable menus, a translation system and a platform of free support. The rendering of his style and ergonomics make Colormag one of the themes the valued catalog Lily by wordpress. Responsive and flexible, it adapts naturally to tablets and smartphones; It also facilitates the work of the editors concerned about the SEO of their blogs.  See details of Colormag .
Colormag thème wordpress

Hueman is a professional and completely free quality wordpress themes developed by Alexander Agnarson via alxmedia . It is 100% responsive and fits all resolutions. It contains a basic options page that allows you to change background colors, the topbar, the header, the footer, and the body of the default items. You can include up to four columns of widgets, 3 menus, buttons of shares, a system of recommendations of articles by tags, categories or content matching. You can choose a category to put forward, change your logo, change the format of standards posts, create areas of widgets to infinity and place codes of advertising. Hueman is oriented seo. This theme is built to facilitate the work of independent developers since it is built via OptionTree framework . Its system support localization and translation in .po and .mo files.  See details of Hueman .
Hueman thème wordpress

Awaken is a free professional wordpress theme (there’s also a paid version) designed by the graphic design team behind Themezhut . This Visual adapts to all environments, it has an option to display the widgets by categories of articles, 3 blocks, a space for posts popular, for recent comments, and tags. You can insert banners automatically 300 × 250 in several location of your choice. Awaken also includes a widget that supports youtube videos. Study to highlight the essays of recent articles, Awaken has an original slider on the home page, a panel of administrative options, a flexible coding and “seo friendly”.  See details to Awaken .
Awaken thème wordpress

magazine Lite is a freemium (with a pro version) wordpress theme developed by HD Themes . It has a Visual custom-made for sharing blogs multimedia or entertainment portals. His presentation plays on the flexibility of its columns with many layout options. Seriously coded and optimized for seo, the theme has a lot of customizable widget option, the space dedicated to the ad, google webfront, a slider system unit, and especially it supports translations. Magazine is 100% responsive to all resolutions of screens, you can change the colors of funds, securities or links at a glance. It displays no error knew the modern web browser (IE9 +, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera) and includes effective customer support. Note all together with its professional version will open up a huge range of new possibilities.  See the detailed card of Magazine Lite .
Magazine thème wordpress

Accesspress Mag is a freemium theme, that is to say free but with a paid professional version, designed by Accesspress Themes . This design is made for the digital press, the magazine and websites verbatim provided. It has a customizable home page, a summary of the articles system, an option to display the number of comments, a magnificent layout, a simple and clear navigation with a burning information option that appears at the top of the theme. Its visual animations css3 standards, Accesspress Mag integrates google adsense ad units, it fits all screen resolutions and is built for seo optimization. Its system of loading pages is powerful and very sophisticated. The theme is light enough to respond quickly to queries from your visitors. which gives you good points for positioning of your site on search engines.  See details of Accesspress Mag .
Accesspress Mag thème wordpress

AD Mag is a free wordpress theme with a paid professional version developed by Kopatheme . With a design in high resolution, it is designed to meet the standards, css3 and html5. Ad Mag is compatible with IE8 +, Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari and includes PHP, CSS files or jQuery. It is totally responsive (it therefore fits all types of screens and resolutions), has 4 styles of default pages, 2 layouts, 6 customizable widgets areas, WooCommerce options, and a space of free support. The fulltextpresentation of the theme is comprehensive and well written, but in English. His record is very impressive and futuristic.  See details of AD Mag .
AD Mag thème wordpress

well, we sincerely hope that you will find your happiness among this list of the best professional and free wordpress themes. If you regularly read the affiliate blog, you probably already know that the choice of a design is as important as the choice of a host because – that it will have an impact on your SEO by influencing your organic traffic-related bounce rate and strongly influencing your brand image. We are well aware that this step is often overlooked by the novice webmasters because it can be tedious, time-consuming and frustrating. In addition to make you proud to write, a pretty theme catches the eye of your readers and participates in the originality of a blog. We recommend you simply take the time to choose a good visual wordpress before start you your business to increase your chances of success. If you are accustomed to the most used CMS in the world, we are curious to know your preferences. So here’s a quick question for experienced users: what are your favorite wordpress themes?