Links Google Adwords VS natural links (SEO), what is the difference for users? [Exclusive Guide]

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if savvy users, who work in the web and new technologies, have hurt to differentiate natural links are sponsored links on Google, what the majority of other users? What are ages naturally more attracted to the first link, it is sponsored or not?

a recent study conducted by the Agency for digital marketing Varn (UK) presents how users make the difference between sponsored links Google and SEO from natural links.

this study conducted in July 2016 on more than 1000 British so was conducted after the update of the 4 links Adwords and the arrival of the label “Advertisement” green . The results presented in this study are therefore the most recent and reliable data that we have at our disposal to date.

sponsored links Google Adwords VS natural links: a difference of less and less glaring!

liens sponsorisés VS naturels Google

as we can see from this screen above, print links Google Adwords with the green label “Announces” now blend perfectly into the natural results .

if previously these were framed a clear yellow that disassociating them many more other results, that time is now over.

anciens résultats Google Adwords

users do really make the difference between sponsored links and natural links on Google?

liens adwords vs SEO google

result: 55% of users do not have the difference between the sponsored results (Google Adwords) and natural results on Google!

the interest of this study here lies in the fact that it offers results by age group , which is more accurate than an overall average, especially when our main target is within a particular age range.

Thus, we can see clearly that older users are naturally less to distinguish between natural results sponsored results.

another interesting fact, this study shows us the share of users who know it as sponsored results which decide to click them in full knowledge of .

in summary:

  • 51.2% of 18-24 years do not make the difference between Adwords and SEO links
  • 48.9% in the 25-34 age do not distinguish sponsored links from natural links
  • 52.4% 35 – 44 years do not the difference between sponsored and natural results
  • 58.8% of 45-54 years are unable to distinguish the two types results
  • 63.6% of those 55-64 do not see the difference between paid ads and natural links
  • 70% of the more than 65 make the difference between Google Adwords and natural results on the search engine they use the most: Google

liens Adwords VS SEO âge


links Google Adwords VS natural links) (SEO), what is the difference for users?

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