Limit the bandwidth of an application on Windows with NetLimiter

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limit the bandwidth of a application can be very useful if you want to download data from a particular application without drastically reduce your overall bandwidth, and thus avoid sailing on the Internet at the speed of a turtle . Unfortunately, Windows does not tools limit the download speed ( download ) and uploading ( upload ) applications running on the system. Fortunately, some publishers have developed applications to fill the gap. Among them, there are NetLimiter . Let me introduce you!

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where NetLimiter can be useful?

imagine you want to start at the beginning of the download of the new game you bought on Steam in order to be able to play the same evening. You launch the download of the game in the morning. Therefore, Steam will use the almost all of your bandwidth in order to download the data to your new video game.

bandwidth used by applications during the last 24 hours. Steam leaves crumbs for others!

but ye also work in the day and you need to do a proper Internet connection. Unfortunately, to download a game on Steam while keeping a connection speed acceptable for browsing the Web won’t be possible and you have to make a choice… But that was before NetLimiter . Thanks to this application you will be able to limit the bandwidth used by Steam to Internet surfing comfortably .

NetLimiter is charged € 19.95 in its Lite version but for a free 30 days trial . So you have plenty of time to take advantage of the features of NetLimiter in order to limit the flow top-down and bottom-up your applications . If you need every day, I find that the price of the software is reasonable, especially since it is not limited to the mere limitation of the speed of app download (cf.: list of NetLimiter features ). It’s you who decide what application can connect to Internet and how fast can get these connections NetLimiter allows you to totally control the network traffic of your computer. There is also the application NetBalancer , more complete but more expensive ($49.95).

interested in NetLimiter? I’ll show you how to use it to reduce the speed of connection of an application . You’ll see, it’s very simple 🙂

download and install NetLimiter

start download NetLimiter from the link below:

download NetLimiter

run the executable and click the Install button after accepting the terms of use.

once the installation is complete, click the Run button to launch NetLimiter.

now limit the bandwidth of a application that pumps any of our Internet connection! 😀

limit the bandwidth of an application

in this part, we will limit the download speed ( download ) the Steam application that uses all of the bandwidth of our Internet connection (which for a maximum descending flow of 500 KB/s).

in the window Activity , we can see applications that are connected to the Internet and use the bandwidth, with the inbound and out for each of them. In the screenshot below, you can see that Steam is downloading data to the 434,73 KB/s speed, either the almost all of our bandwidth !

to limit the bandwidth used by Steam, we will create a rule in NetLimiter. To do this, double-click the cell DL Limit in front of the Steam application or click on Add rule in the right column after selecting the Steam application.

then complete the form as follows:

  • area : Internet .
  • Type Rule: Limit . You can also choose to allow or block the connection of the application with the setting Firewall , to define a priority (more enforcement a high priority, more she can use the bandwidth at the expense of others) with Priority or assign a quota of data that can download the application with Quota.
  • direction: In (for download ). Also available: Out (for the upload ) or Both (for both the download and upload ).
  • Limit : download maximum speed allowed for the application.

click on the Save button to create the rule.

and here! The Steam application can now download data at a maximum speed of 150 KB/s! You can very easily disable/enable a rule by unchecking / checking the boxes in the column DL Limit and UL Limit in front of the application.

you can find all of the rules that you have created in the window Rules .

that is, now you know how to limit the download speed an application with NetLimiter 🙂