Lightroom: Add the folder

7:55 am October 25, 201613091

folder add in Lightroom is not easy. Because Lightroom has its own view of what happens when the folders. Since it can happen that the Adobe image management program accepted a newly created directory rather than location, but want to import images only from there.

Here the solution.

Where do I create a new folder?

To create a new folder, proceed as follows:

1. changes in the view library .

2. click on the small plus icon next to folder .

Um einen neuen Ordner hinzuzufügen, klicken Sie auf das Plus-Zeichen.
to add a new folder, click the plus sign.

3. Select Add folder.

Mit einem Klick auf Ordner hinzufügen, können Sie einen neuen Ordner einrichten.
with a click on folder add, you can set up a new folder.

4. Locate the drive where you want to add the new folder.

5. click on new folder and enter the name of the folder. Note: You need to set up a new folder. If you select an existing folder, Lightroom uses the folder as the import source.

6 folder and the new folder appears in the overview of the left sidebar, click Select.

Mit Lightroom einen neuen Ordnern hinzufügen.

My opinion of

I wanted to create a new folder to move images from my server on an external hard drive there. But that did not go into Lightroom. And why?

To solve this problem, I have nibbled a while. I initially first created a folder on the hard disk and then attempt to add in Lightroom. Of course he couldn’t. Because if the folder exists, the program sees him only as a source for the import. Something like that can make you crazy.

Create always the folder directly in Lightroom. Then it doesnt.