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, where is the command key on the Mac? Read our tip. Also: To insert the command characters in a text.

where is the command key on the Mac?

  • find the Mac command keys, left and right of the space bar.
  • you see the button by labeling command or cmd.
  • on the button is also the command character to see: ⌘.
  • on older Mac models you see in addition the Apple symbol  on the button.
  • alternative names are
    • Apple button
    • command button cauliflower button
Mac Befehlstasten neben Leertaste
links and right next to the space bar, you will find the Mac command keys.

Read here how you disable the capslock key on your Mac .

command character in text to add

you want to use the icon for the command ⌘ in a text? Then follow these steps:

  1. press [control – command – Leertaste] .
  2. now appears the character Viewer on your screen.
  3. right above there is a search field.
  4. you enter there:
  5. place immediately, see the search results the sign for the command key.
  6. click with right on it and choose copy symbol information to copy the string to the Clipboard.
  7. or you parity the character drag & drop to the desired location in your document.
Befehlszeichen in der Zeichenübersicht des Mac
command characters in the character viewer of Mac

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