««Jam in Germany: Google maps shows traffic conditions

11:23 am April 14, 201713251

with Google maps on a map of traffic jam information. While highways and major streets in major cities in green are represented to dark red – depending on the density of traffic.

Google maps: map shows you download jam

  1. Google Maps in the browser and navigate to the map, which shows the desired area.
  2. you go with the mouse cursor on the menu icon top left. This is indicated by the three horizontal lines next to the input field for the search in Google maps.
  3. enable then the menu entry location.
  4. the traffic information on the map – lines in different colors appear on it. Green means free ride – dark red you are in a traffic jam.
traffic jam information

jam preview a great touch still for Google maps! You can examine not only the current traffic situation, but also display how traffic developed on a certain day at a certain time. To do this click on current traffic , then normal select traffic conditions . Then set a day and time and Google maps are you a traffic forecast.

Typischer Verkehr zu bestimmter Zeit
typical traffic at certain time

here, read how holidays drive is beautiful you .

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