Jackmail: the new WordPress extension for your newsletters [Quick Guide]

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Jackmail is the new newsletters plugin for WordPress?

After “little debate” all about sending out newsletters service rates proposed by new version of MailPoet , I discovered a new freemium extension available on the official WordPress directory, it’s Jackmail Newsletters .

How to resist the temptation to test? I therefore propose my small return of experience… and the to win 3 licenses 😉

Jackmail - plugin WordPress

at first…

As soon as the installation and activation of Jackmail , we see a new tab in the left side menu of the administration panel. A single sub-tab is present, it’s the tab ‘installation’ … Nothing else! When you click, we arrive at a sort of dashboard “tutorial” a bit as suggested plugins Imagify , WooCommerce or SecuPress…

I like when the plugins help us for installation, however, for Jackmail, I left a little on my hunger: only 3 steps are proposed and they prove to be without interest. It might have been wise to integrate these steps the essential settings of the plugin and the creation of Jackmail account…

This is perhaps already in anticipation? However, this does nothing the rest of the program and all the other tabs will appear at the end of the tutorial.

Jackmail features

Les templates de newsletter

Jackmail offers many very interesting features:

  1. newsletters responsives and design Creation with a builder email: the email builder allows drag-and – drop blocks easily in order to build a newsletter as you imagine. However, Jackmail offers several ready to use templates, they are very nice, design and save a lot of time!
  2. Send automatic email: with Jackmail you can create manual or automatic way emailing campaigns. The automatic way to filter the frequency as well as the content. For example, you can program to send a newsletter all 5 articles published scattered or in a specified category. It is a very nice feature…
  3. Powerful statistics system: when you go to the tab “statistics” of Jackmail, guests enjoy a system of highly detailed statistics which can provide very useful information to improve your future campaigns. For each one, you can check CTR of openings, unsubscribes, behavioral tracking, and distribution by type of technology…
  4. Use of dedicated servers: given that Jackmail is a product derived from Blowgun – a company specializing in emailing campaigns – you will benefit from the same high-performance dedicated servers whose reputation is more to prove… Your newsletters will have very low risk of ending up in the spam of your recipients. Another good point!
  5. Simplified management of contacts: it is very possible that you already have a newsletter system set up on your WordPress… Don’t panic! Developers of Jackmail were very smart in creating different types of imports your contacts lists. Everything for been done to simplify this task, which can be dangerous! In addition, the extension allows to send your newsletters based on predefined criteria: you can filter your recipients based on your content. Nice!
  6. Thoughtful user experience: Although at first you can find the plugin a bit complex, ultimately we must admit that it is really intuitive, we’re not looking for long settings/settings… and at worst, if you can’t find them, click on “next” (when creating a campaign) and Jackmail will require you to fill in the missing information. That’s a real plus, especially when you’re head – in – air!

how does it work?

Let’s see together how use Jackmail:

    • install and activate Jackmail like any plugin. You’ll begin by the official installation Board divided into three steps: welcome / acceptance / connectivity.

1 - installation Jackmail

    • Create your first emailing campaign: it is here that you can choose between a Campaign Manual ( “send a campaign” ) or else a automated campaign ( ‘create a scenario’ )

2 - campagne ou scénario

    • a pop-up will open to allow you to name your new campaign (1), then You can select an existing list, enter it manually, do a copy/paste or even import a CSV file (2). Finally, you’ll arrive in the email builder (3).

3 - création des campagnes

    • The email builder may seem complex, but it is rather intuitive. It is composed of two tabs – content and STYLES – that will let you achieve quality newsletters. You can insert blocks cut from 1 to 4 columns, images/texts/titles, buttons, icons of social networks, of items, separators, spaces etc…
      You can also define your layouts, your color themes, mobile version etc…

4 - email builder de Jackmail

    • Once your email is ready and that it meets your expectations, you can proceed to the next step: checking and sending. This is where you can set key information in your newsletter, namely: the sender, the recipient, subject, tracking…
      You can also send a test email before setting if you want to send your newsletter immediately or later (programming). During this step, if you have not yet created your account Jackmail, you will be asked to do (or else to log in if you already have one). Without the latter, you will not be able to send your newsletters.

Vérification des campagnes

the JackMail sending service rates

Tarifs mensuels de Jackmail

Jackmail offers various monthly subscription plans. There is something for all types of blogs or sites! So, I propose a small comparison…

Attention! In this table you will notice a small Jackmail specificity compared to its competitors: it based its subscription on offers the number of emails sent on a monthly basis while MailPoet and MailChimp is based on registration numbers, this can have an impact if you send several newsletters per month to your subscribers.

Gratuit Jusqu’à 1000 envois Jusqu’à 500 inscrits Jusqu’à 2000 inscrits (limité à 12.000 envois)
Jusqu’à 10.000 envois = 12$ par mois Jusqu’à 10.000 inscrits = 75$ par mois Up to 10,000 registered (unlimited sending) = $ 75 per month
n ° 2
until 20,000 items = $ 19 per month until 25,000 registered = $ 150 per month until 25,000 registered (unlimited sending) = $ 150 per month
n ° 3
up to 50,000 items = $ 29 per month up to 50,000 registered = $ 250 per month Up to 50,000 registered (unlimited sending) = $ 240 per month
n ° 4
up to 100,000 items = $ 59 per month made-to-measure only up to 100,000 registered (limited to 1,200,000 shipments ) = $ 475 per month

However price differences between the formulas proposed by Jackmail and those proposedby its competitors are really significant !


Compatibilité Jackmail

Although Jackmail is young (official release on 4 April 2017), he promises beautiful evolution…

However, the current downside would be lack of compatibility with some systems of opt-in , such as Bloom for example… Whatever it is, Jackmail is golden and already compatible with NinjaForm, WPForms and WooCommerce .

small official details…

I am permitted to contact Yannick Chizzolini of Blowgun to ask him some details about Jackmail, here is our conversation:

you talk about connectivity with WooCommerce, NinjaForm and WPForms?

The purpose of these plugins is to let them collect contacts and to synchronize to their list so that users can continue to use their favorite optin widget. For WooCommerce, we are working on the possibility – like articles WordPress – to be able to create a happy “WooCommerce” containing the article, photos, links etc…

How can we integrate the Jackmail registration form on its site?

For now, we have a collection system that must be activated in the widgets (appearance > Widget) to include it in the sidebar or the footer. But we are currently working on a shortcode…

Do you plan to extend the connections with other plugins opt-in?

It is on the agenda: Gravityforms and PageBuilder are already our priorities, but nothing is set in stone…

Can I connect multiple WordPress sites on one account Jackmail?

We can completely connect multiple accounts on a single formula Jackmail and share shipments, it is expected!

Why such a discrepancy of rate with MailPoet and MailChimp?

Jackmail is a startup incubated at Blowgun, which road emails for a decade. As we pass exactly through the same servers our costs are reduced in fat. What the user Jackmail pays, it is the human behind the screen that moderates campaigns, develops the features etc… That’s the advantage of being Blowgun!

What are the forecasts for future updates?

Quickly, the big project is implementing mails transactional with dozens of available campaigns related to WooCommerce or its contact Jackmail lists but also the revival of campaign (non-ouvreurs mails reminders or inactive), the addition of connections with other tools, improving the statistics etc…

bonus for readers of WPFormation

as very often when we test plugins that US race, we always have a little contest to our readers… Then want to win a license of a year with a value of $144 to send up to 10 000 emails/month?

To participate is very simple, simply retweet the following message and come let us comment the the share link. A draw will be made on May 15, 2017 and 3 lucky winners will be selected via random.org. The three winners will be mentioned here.

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good luck to one and all!



this test made me discover a whole new plugin, well thought out and very successful, which dusted a little the market … The rendering of the newsletters sent by Jackmail is very design and its use is not more complex than other plugins!

One of the strengths of Jackmail is the all-in-one , so I can create my newsletters directly from my WordPress and it’s Jackmail which is responsible for sending them. No need for third-party service for sending. Nothing that this Jackmail definitely for a very bright future in front of him…

And you, what do you want to test?