««««iPhone: find Sunrise and sunset

12:26 am April 30, 20179364

you want to know when today’s Sunrise or sunset? Then ask your iPhone.

how to find out when the sun goes up or goes down

  1. run the weather app on your iPhone.
  2. you choose the location for which you want to find Sunrise and sunset.
  3. move the lower part of the display (the one with the days of the week) to the top.

then you know the text summary of this day, also from the control centre to see the tag values. Are equal top of sunrise and sunset.

iPhone Wetter-App mit Tagesanzeige
If you slide the weather data to the top, you see, when the sun comes up and goes down below

you see weather data such as wind speed, air pressure or humidity and visibility.

read here how to determine the compass direction with your watch .

Wetterinformationen mit Sonnenaufgang und Sonnenuntergang
the iPhone also shows when is Sunrise and sunset in one day.

you read next, as you do with your iPhone great photos.