iPhone: Display switches off automatically when lifting a

7:25 pm November 2, 201613491

with iOS 10 was the iPhone a new feature offers. If you lift the iPhone or rotates, the display is activated. It wakes up from sleep. The iPhone uses the built-in accelerometer. It creates the impression that the iPhone knows that you are looking straight on the display. For most iPhone users but it isn’t very useful for all. I had even a few situations where it was not useful. Therefore, I show you how to enable or disable.


  • iPhone settings open now tap display & brightness

ios 10 anzeige und helligkeit

  • you can see activate when lifting option


  • when you turn it off, then that will 🙂 iPhone not more bright, if you look at the display

info :

  • this guide applies only to the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 6s, 6s iPhone iPhone plus, plus, iPhone SE