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4:19 am April 18, 20178277

you want to delete on your iPhone pictures and videos? Then, read here how to do it. Essentially, there are two ways to delete the images directly on the iPhone or from your computer.

image delete on the iPhone

is the easiest way to delete a photo directly on the iPhone.

  1. run the app photos.
  2. open the image that you want to delete.
  3. tap right bottom of the screen on the trash can icon.
  4. you confirm the deletion with photo delete .


If you want to delete multiple images, multiple images, do so:

  1. launch the photos app.
  2. photos or an album from the range select albums.
  3. tap top right of the screen select .
  4. you then tap on each image that you want to select for deletion.
  5. you type bottom right on the trash can icon. Confirm the message
  6. delete X photos. In place of the X , you will see the number of selected images.
Bilder löschen in der Fotos App des iPhone
in the photos app mark several images to them then to delete.

To quickly delete images on the iPhone with the Mac

  1. start the program digital images on your Mac.
  2. choose then left the bar under devices to your iPhone by clicking once on it.
  3. share your iPhone for use on Mac.
  4. for a brief moment appear in the browser right thumbnails of all the photos on your iPhone.
  5. you select that, or the pictures, that you want to delete. Tip: to select multiple pictures, press and hold the [Befehl] and then the photos.
  6. are all images marked, click bottom of the program window on the delete icon – a circle crossed by a line.
  7. after a question the iPhone images you previously marked deletes all.
iPhone Fotos von Mac aus löschen
most comfortable deleting from the program of digital images is out.