««««iPhone Control Panel in the lock screen disable

6:38 am March 9, 201713463

If you place value on security, should clear the iPhone Control Panel. Because it can be used right after the launch of the iPhone – even if you have not unlocked the phone for. This is handy, because you can use the flashlight or photo shoot a , without previously cumbersome iPhone unlock.

on the other hand can anyone use these functions which gets your iPhone in your hands and like at a party unpleasant images shoot landing even in your photo team. To prevent that someone on the control panel from the start screen to access, follow these steps.

iPhone Control Panel disable

  1. open your iPhone settings.
  2. you choose then Control Panel .
  3. tap it once on the button next to access to the lock screen.

as soon as the background of the button appears white, the function is deactivated and no one can access more of the home screen on the control panel.

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Einstellungen Kontrollzentrum auf dem iPhone
settings control center on the iPhone

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