Install Domoticz on an Orange Pi Lite (WiFi) under Armbian [Exclusive Guide]

12:23 pm January 20, 201711263

Orange Pi Lite share its low price and its performance close to a Raspberry Pi 3 is a very good solution to build a server automation at lower cost. Domoticz do not officially support this platform. Therefore, there is no official image. We have to install Domoticz from source. Here is a very simple step-by-step installation guide to follow.

for this tutorial, I used an Orange Pi Lite (Wi – Fi version) equipped with a microprocessor AllWinner H3 at 1, 2 GHz and 512 MB of DDR3 memory.

to help you choose the Orange Pi depending on your needs, you can read article that compares all the specs to a Raspberry Pi 3.

follow this tutorial to prepare the SD with Armbian.

before launch us into Domoticz on the Orange Pi installation, let’s start by making the updates of rigour.

creating a user domoticz

Although it is not necessary , it is better to create a user domoticz

we add the new user to the sudo group to allow him to use this command.

then, changed the configuration to allow the user to run sudo commands without having to enter the password.

at the end of the file, insert this new line

save with Ctrl + X then y.

now that everything is loan, change your account and initiate the installation with this curl command.

this simple command will take care of everything. The installation of the dependencies to the configuration via small configurators that will appear as the installation.

domoticz orange pi lite installation armbian raspbian
configuration starts
you can enable or disable the HTTP and HTTPS connection.
domoticz orange pi lite installation armbian port http raspbian
Choice of the HTTP port. 8080 by default.
domoticz orange pi lite installation armbian raspberry pi raspbian https
Choice of the HTTPS port. default 443.
domoticz orange pi lite installation armbian raspberry pi raspbian folder destination
The folder of files.
domoticz orange pi lite installation armbian raspberry pi raspbian complete
It’s over. The IP address of your Orange IP on your network is indicated.

Once the installation is complete, close the last window and wait for the Domoticz service before you start signing in from a browser on your new box brand new Automation. To try the operation, I am simply connected to a probe of outdoor temperature (cold fact!) that publishes its measures on a Gateway MySensors ESP8266.

domoticz orange pi lite installation armbian raspberry pi raspbian chrome

Orange Pi Lite is a small really powerful and versatile card that is very well suited for the manufacture of a box 100% DIY Home Automation. Only restriction, the GPIO which on paper is compatible with that of the Raspberry (model B) but difficult to implement in practice. If you have good feedback and information on the topic, feel free to share your experience in the comments. However, a large number of accessories home automation using other protocols (radio most often) making it the less essential GPIO.

source of the tutorial: