Install, configure and use WooCommerce [Quick Guide]

9:17 am January 31, 201713049

the best e-commerce WordPress plugin, it is without doubt to this day, WooCommerce ! Powerful, powerful and complete, WooCommerce for already been uploaded no less than 15 million times, it is rated 4.6/5 by more than 1,500 users.

WooCommerce, it’s before all of a WordPress plugin that adds e-commerce features to your site. Allows you to benefit from a real online store for:

  • the sale and management of your products
  • the monitoring and management of subscriptions
  • using a system of payment (Paypal, CB)
  • your sales statistics
  • specific plugins (best sales, promotions, etc)
  • the calculation of transport costs and taxes
  • stock management

  • and much more…

So let’s see in this series of 8 complete video tutorials and free , how to install, configure and add our first products…


install WooCommerce (4 min 06 s)

Via the Extensions menu > add > Search “ WooCommerce ‘, check the version, install and activate the plugin. This version is in French. In this introductory video, we will install the plugin WooCommerce 2.6.1 on our WordPress.

We will use the new quick Configurator WooCommerce.

set WooCommerce 1/2 (14 min 42 s)

once activated, two new menus appear in the WordPress administration menu. One is called ‘WooCommerce’, the second ‘products ‘. The first will allow you to set up the extension while the other will allow the addition of products to sell.

We now return to the configuration and settings directly from the plugin Woo (General, products, VAT and delivery).

set WooCommerce 2/2 (10 min 22 s)

Suite and end settings. We will see more details: order management, define the means of payments, user accounts, email management and the API.

These settings are to be done only once, but they are important, do not neglect them.

system requirements for WooCommerce (4 min 17 s)

your WordPress and your server are ready to receive WooCommerce? Check it out from the system status menu.

In this video (part 4), we will also see the end of the menu and options WooCommerce.

use WooCommerce

Let’s go more in detail in WooCommerce and add our first products. From the menu WooCommerce > products, we will mainly focus on the simple and variable products.

Simple products (11 min 03 s)

you want to sell a single product or single service? It’s here!

variable products (12 min 33 s)

you want to sell a product with variations? Your product offers a choice of sizes, colours and many other variations so find out how variable products will simplify the seizure.

dashboard, reports, discount codes… (6 min 33 s)

Go further in the WooCommerce interface with the discovery more in detail of the dashboard, reports and the use of promo codes.

Add-ons WooCommerce and conclusion (4 min 44s)

you can find here some add – ons indispensable for WooCommerce and my opinion on the use of the latter for a large e-commerce site.

WooCommerce is an excellent plugin e-commerce , to create easily a complete shop in WordPress and which does not suffer the comparison against its competitors. I hope that these modest video tutorials will have given you the desire to test and use WooCommerce 😉

there are still many topics for a good command of WooCommerce, including: integration CSS to the breast of your theme, which theme choose , the customization of the shopping cart and shop pages, etc… but the key is there!

If you want to go further with WordPress and WooCommerce , you can find all our training WordPress and all of our training calendar.