Install Clonezilla on USB bootable

6:22 pm March 21, 201711636QUICK GUIDE

Clonezilla is a program free and free of restoring data , cloning disk and disk image creation, similar to the popular True Image, and Norton Ghost. In practice, thanks to Clonezilla, you can clone one or several partitions or even entire hard/SSD drive from your PC to another hard/SSD drive. You can also create an exact copy of your hard/SSD drive and save it in the form of a system image (so you can see Clonezilla as an alternative to the solution of creating system image integrated in Windows ). In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to create a USB bootable Clonezilla .

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we will use the application Tuxboot to create our key USB from Clonezilla . Tuxboot takes care of everything: it downloads the ISO and install it directly on our USB! First, download Tuxboot to go to the link below then launch.

download Tuxboot

in the main Tuxboot window, select the following options:

  • online Distribution : clonezilla_live_stable and current ;
  • check Save ISO file and MD5 Check ;
  • drive: select the letter corresponding to your USB drive (check whether it is well your USB from Windows Explorer).

Finally, click OK button to start creating our key USB of Clonezilla.

Tuxboot download the latest version of Clonezilla ISO.

select the folder where the CloneZilla ISO will be stored. You can use it by selecting the option Pre Downloaded instead of One – Line Distribution in Tuxboot, if needed.

that is, our key USB of Clonezilla is well made!

just you more than boot your PC to the USB containing Clonezilla to use this excellent program 😉