Install and use Node-RED on macOS or Windows [Exclusive Guide]

3:02 pm November 7, 20169510

Node-RED can be used on any platform that can run Node.js. If you have a Mac or a Windows PC, here’s how to install it. For this tutorial, I used macOS El Captain (10.11.6).

Node-RED supports node.js 0.10.x or newer. It is recommended to use the LTS (long-term maintenance) of node.js version

get and install node.js 4.x LTS that matches your platform

all other node.js versions are available here

macos node-red installation node.js autre plateformes run the executable to start the installation.

macos node-red installation node.js

the operation is very fast. The installer shows you directories of installation at the end of the operation.

macos node-red installation node.js repertoires

now, launch the installation of Node-RED. On macOS or Linux, to do before the command npm to sudo . The g means that sources will be uploaded in the npm directory and will be available for all projects node.js. -unsafe-perm to continue installation error.

 sudo npm install g - unsafe-perm node-red 

installation is complete

macos node-red npm install -g --unsafe-perm

there are to launch start with the command node-red . At first startup, the directories and files will be created automatically:


file / directory location
/ usr/local/lib/node_modules
Directory user (User Directory) /Users//.node-red
configuration (Settings File) file /Users//.node-red/settings.js
files Flows (Flows File) /Users//.node-red/flows_. [json
Executable link symbolic/usr/local/bin/node-red to usr/local/lib/node_modules/node-red/red.js

enter the ip address of the specified server. By default this will be

macos node-red demarrage

that is, for you to play!

macos node-red installation chrome

other items to go further with Node-RED: