Infolinks review: best alternative to google adsense

7:58 pm February 5, 20175873TIPS
what is that Infolinks?
Infolinks was launched in 2007 as a CPC and CPM based advertising and well known network as the best alternative to google adsense . He for won the reputation of being the largest and the most reliable programs of monetization on the “internet.

Infolinks is the best source for publishers to monetize their blog and for advertisers to reach their target audience.
Infolinks is a network of contextual advertising that works with thousands of publishers and 100,000 active sites worldwide, distributed in 128 countries.
Infolinks can be used with all your solutions current ads (Revenuehits, Chitika etc.), even with Google AdSense. It works perfectly fine.

Infolinks, how it works?
Infolinks is a provider of In-Text advertising, In – Tag In-Article. This type of advertising is to insert links advertising hyperlinks directly in the content of your site. For example, Infolinks retrieves the keyword “Make money” in an article and when I put the mouse over a link, a small window opens showing an advertisement. If I click on the Insert, I get redirected to the advertiser’s site, and the editor was then commissioned.
Infolinks offers several products and found:

  • duplicate ads
  • ad a screen
  • in-text ads
  • ads in the
  • tag

  • ads in the framework
  • ads in article

how can I integrate Infolinks script on my web site?
all just after registering and before you see your site analyzed and validated by the team of Directors of Infolinks in a period of 48 hours. Once it is accepted, you will be able to copy and paste the ad code “Javascript” in your web site as you can see in this video.

payment processors:
Infolinks accepts several payment, including processors: Paypal, Payoneer ( create a Payoneer account ) and by bank transfer.
the minimum payment is $ 50 (Paypal and Payoneer) and $ 100 (bank transfer)
my opinion on Infolinks:
in my opinion I think and probably infolinks is one of the best advertising on the internet networks, if you need to monetize your website and maximize your profits, infolinks is strongly recommended for you!