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Windows requires you to enter of the password when waking from sleep. This is secure, but annoying. Read here how to in Windows to disable the password, after standby.

Windows 10: disable the password after hibernate

  1. click on the Start button with the left mouse button.
  2. Open the settings .
  3. Select accounts – registration options .
  4. Under when will Windows request a new account for absence? You switch to never .
  5. Then close the settings again.
Windows Kennwortabfrage nach Standby deaktivieren
In the settings of Windows 10 turn off the password prompt after standby mode.

Wake from sleep, Windows no longer asks for a password.
By the way, you can lock your Windows with one-touch .

Windows 7 and 8: Registration after sleep mode turn off

  1. Windows 7 click on the Start button, and then click Control Panel . Windows 8 , in desktop mode with the right mouse button, click on the Start button, and then click Control Panel .
  2. It follows a click on system and security . Under power options, click request password when the computer wakes .
  3. Now, you see already the options for the password on wakeup . So that you can change something here, you must first some settings are currently unavailable click to .
  4. Select password is not required and click Save changes .
  5. Then close all previously open Windows. After waking up from hibernation, Windows will no longer ask for a password.
Kennwort ändern nicht erforderlich
Password change does not require

warning: If your computer for other accessible or if it’s a mobile computer, you should have logging enabled. It’s safer.

Read here how you can on the one hand that shut off complete Windows login or that greatly increase Windows security log on .

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