In 2017 the Android apps will be more profitable than iOS, a first app [Exclusive Guide]

7:41 pm March 30, 20179382

historically, iOS apps have always been more profitable than Android applications. Explanations are numerous, history to the profile of the users through the multiplicity of models on Android, including the entry. But for the first time, things are about to change in 2017. According to a report of Nanie App, Android applications will be more profitable than IOS this year.

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since that Android and iOS exist, the conclusion is always the same: Android apps are less profitable than IOS. First, because all Android smartphones are not the high-end models. An entry level model is limited in terms of power, and its service life is shorter, users think twice before buying an app.

Moreover, historically, iPhone users have a more comfortable financial situation and therefore buy apps more easily. Finally, in the story of iOS, buy an app is part of the game. We pay developers for their work, it is anchored, it’s so.

Android more profitable than iOS for the first time

in 2017, things will change. Indeed, App Nanie for just released a report in which the revenue from the iOS apps and Android apps are compared. On Android, apps purchased on Google Play but also third party stores such as Samsung Galaxy Apps, Amazon Appstore or brands like Xiaomi or Huawei shops are counted. On the side of iOS, everything happens on the Appstore.

Thus, according to estimated figures by App Nanie, Google Play should generate 42 billion dollars alone . Third-party stores would bring in $ 36 billion for a total of 78 billion dollars for Android apps. On the side of iOS, the Appstore would yield $ 60 billion this year.

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this growth on the side of Android is mainly due to the explosion of the smartphone in countries like China, India, the Brazil, the Mexico or the Indonesia. App Nanie estimated that the number of downloads on Android would increase by 23% annually thanks to the development of these countries.

Note, however, that iOS achieves excellent performance since without third-party shops, the Store Google does not reach the scores of the Appstore. And according to App Nanie, we should make this statement each year until 2021.