Imagify for WordPress: test it it is to adopt it! [Quick Guide]

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When you create a web site or a blog, there are 5 axes to follow: the feature, the security , design, the referencing and performance. Even if we keep this in mind, it is always a bit difficult to be on top on all fronts, and it can happen that one abandoning a little performance for lack of time or by default…

Fortunately there are plugins that allow us to carry out all this! We will see in this article how to optimize the speed of a WordPress site with the powerful plugin IMAGIFY .

Logo Imagify pour WordPress

What is Imagify?

Imagify is a plugin WordPress created by WP Media team of – “flooding” the world of WordPress with their essential plugins such as WP Rocket or SecuPress – allowing you to compress, directly online, images contained in your library in order to lighten them and without losing an ounce of quality!

Imagify - comparaison de compression

Why use Imagify?

You say you respect already best practices to optimize your images before the the uploader in WordPress and that, therefore, you do not need to add your site with a yet another plugin? FAKE! You will see for yourself that Imagify goes again to optimize your photos and make your site even more fast loading… As if by magic!

how does it work?

Like any plugin, it will go to the tab Extension > add , enter Imagify in the search bar and then install and activate… In a few steps very well guided, then move on to serious things:

step 1: create an account Imagify

Imagify- création de compte

from the activation of the plugin, you will see a “Welcome”window at the top of your administration screen. Simply follow the steps beginning with step “1. Create an account “ .” Click “Sign up, it’s free” and enter your email address. In the snapshot, you will receive an email containing your username (e-mail address), password (automatically generated) and your API key. This email also contains a confirmation link to click absolutely to complete the activation of your account Imagify .

Step 2: enter my key Imagify

Imagify - clé api

then it will be simple for you to go to step “2. Enter the API key “ by clicking on “I got my API key” then by pasting it into the dedicated insert.” I remind you that this key was sent to you by email. Alternatively, you can also find it in your account on the site of Imagify .

Step 3: configure settings

Imagify - Settings

then go to step “3. Set it up “ by clicking on “Go to settings” …” From this tab you can configure some settings before starting the optimization:

  1. find out about solutions premium to consider for your site by clicking on “What plan do I need?”
  2. Compare the different types of cuts by clicking on “try the Visual comparer”
  3. according to your preferences, choose your compression level: Normal / aggressive / Ultra
  4. choose the automatic resizing of large images (for example if some of your photos are more than 2000px or 3000px, you might consider resize them to 1000 pixels maximum…).
  5. Decide to keep it, or not, all the EXIF data for photos
  6. choose different thumbnails to optimize: If you check all the thumbnails, you will use more package, however your site will be optimized
  7. choose a quick menu to be placed in the “top – bar” of your administration
  8. click “Save & Go to Bulk Optimizer” to save your changes and switch to mass optimization.

Step 4: start the optimization in mass

Imagify - optimisation en masse

in this tab, you can treat all the images in your library . The future images you download, however, will optimize automatically (in function of your credit or your course package). To start the compression of your library:

  1. choose your compression level: Normal / aggressive / Ultra
  2. click “Imagif’ all”
  3. you will see images that will parade with their status “compressing” , “well done” , “error” or “complete”
  4. access the summary work provided by real-time Imagify : the number of optimized images, images optimized compared to your total library, original weight percentage, weight optimized etc…

Step 5: wait for the following month or go to the option premium

Imagify - fin du forfait

If you have installed Imagify to test it, you’ve certainly opted for a free map… The latter will certainly be a little short in order to optimize all of your media… You will then get a nice “Oops, it’s over!” foreshadowing so two solutions:

  • you are patient and you expect the next month to get additional 25 MB (images only)
  • either you go to the premium version

FYI: I did the test of the performance of an old blog (admittedly not very well maintained, I grant you) on the tool of Google PageSpeed before and after treatment with only 18% of my library Imagify and the result is impressive (even if he is mediocre but it is not the fault of the plugin): I went from 37/100 to 57/100! How much would I get if I treated all of my library? To meditate…

Score avant-après

what are the rates and alternatives?

Plugin WordPress pour compression d'images

The great advantage of Imagify is that one can choose to stay in version free , to opt for a plan “One Time” that allows to pay, at once, a pack to address a good number of images or even to move to a package monthly .

You are therefore free to your formula based on usage of your site or your blog WordPress. I offer you a small comparison with two other similar plugins: and ShortPixel

NEB installs
+ 30 000
+ 30 000
+ 20 000

offer launch
25 MB
100 MB

Version free
25 Mo / mois
100 images / mois
$4,99/mois = 1Gb
$69,99/mois = 50Gb
$4,99/mois = 5000 images
$29,99/mois = 55000 images
$5/mois = 500Mb
$79/mois = 60Gb
Nbe Go
$ 5 to $ 1 per additional GB
per month depending on the offer
$ 5 to $ 1 per additional GB
per month depending on the offer
One time
$5.99 pack of 500 MB
$19.99 pack of 3 GB
$9.99 pack 10000 images
$99.99 pack 170000 images

in conclusion…

As the title of this article suggests: try Imagify it is to adopt… And it’s true! It’s amazing how a plugin as easy to use can be so powerful! You install it then it does all the work, why not? In addition the figures speak for themselves: make the experience!

So, expect what to start?