Images cut on the iPhone

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work some photos better, when you choose the image section differently. This process is called also “crop photo”. I can do this directly in the photos app with the iPhone.

  1. iPhone photos cut open the image in the photo app. Edit (the three superimposed regulator)

  2. , tap the icon for .
  3. then tap the little square icon and end up cropping in -function.
  4. here you can see a white border around the image.
  5. the frames can be touched and reprove pull so that you see the desired image section at the corners.
  6. move the image within the frame, tap on the photo and drag it to the desired position.

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Icon zum Foto zuschneiden auf dem iPhone
find the icon to crop photos when you tap on an image and select the edit function.

Crop image in fixed aspect ratio

  1. repeat steps 1 through 4 from the section iPhone photos cut to .
  2. , tap the small button that consists of multiple rectangles.
  3. tap once on the icon, and then choose an aspect ratio from the list.
  4. after tapping the app cuts along the photo.
  5. you can then position the photo is still or zoom in with two fingers.

as soon as you are satisfied with the changes, tap the check mark and the image is saved.

Schaltfläche für das Seitenverhältnis in der Fotos App
with this button you can select a fixed aspect ratio for a photo.

Guides during cutting

If you were wondering about the lines, pops up the iPhone with the cropping: here it’s lines that divide the image into thirds. So the app will help you to put interesting image elements in the field of view during cutting.

according to cast images one-third rule especially exciting when the major elements at the intersections of the lines are placed.

in addition to the third grid, there are other approaches, to find exciting image points. But the one-third rule is very useful for quick cropping of images.

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