I am leaving iMessage, welcome to Telegram! [Exclusive Guide]

7:15 am March 17, 20177804

After more than 5 years on iMessage, I recently decided to change the instant messaging client for the benefit of Telegram. You may not yet know this application but it offers many advantages, and there is a good chance that you are interested. Go for a small comparison vs Telegram iMessage!


when iMessage arrived on the market in 2011 , it was for me ideal! Exit old SMS and MMS, now through a new message type that uses only the data. You can easily send photos and videos, find out when the other writes a message, if the message for arrived, etc. Much more convenient than text messages.

It also for the great advantage of being native on all iOS devices. Thus, if two people use an iPhone for example, they are likely to use iMessage without even knowing (the famous Blue bubbles). Also can be exchanged between an iPhone and an iPad without problem.

Then, a year after the launch on iOS, it is built on macOS to replace the good old iChat . You can easily share with friends whatever the device because everything is synchronized. The addition of SMS on the Mac will happen eventually!

A few years ago, I had not much to fault iMessage.

Problems with iMessage

on the other hand, if you use it regularly iMessage, you notice quickly problems and the disadvantages on a daily basis. Here is a list based on my experience:

  • ID based on the phone number : If we change SIM (for abroad, for example), can no longer write in our existing conversations. This will create a duplicate with our correspondent. If we decide to use the email as that identifier, it solves the previous problem but blocks the sending of messages as a simple SMS.
  • Lack of history between devices : If you buy a new iPhone and you decide to not go for a wild, you lose all your conversation history.
  • No optimized search : If you have several gigabytes of messages, try to go back for example 2 months ago to find a message (good luck).
  • Only on iOS : this is both an advantage and a disadvantage. This allows to retain users on iOS, but on the other hand, if you want to use iMessage on Android, for example, it is impossible.
  • Duplicates of conversations : it is according to me the most unpleasant thing. Without understanding why, one of your contacts addresses a day normally and a new conversation is created at home.
  • Impossible to edit a message : how many times it happens to send 3/4 times the same message because you put a v instead of a “?” or a b instead of a.

Telegram, an interesting solution

I started to get interested in Telegram (Yes, to cause) because of @bobjouy. It is the first of my contacts to switch to this new solution, and with a bit of determination, he was able to convince me!

I confess also that this application solves all the problems mentioned below including the notion of ID to connect. It is also based on the phone number but you can very well go abroad and put another SIM, nothing changes, everything will work as in France for example!

It also presents the big advantage to be present on all platforms . We find the IOS, Android, Windows Phone, but also Windows, macOS and Linux, what could be better? Oh if there is even a web – app to the case where.

Here is a list of the benefits according to me:

  • synchronization and history of your conversations through the cloud.
  • Ability to create a cross-platform conversation.
  • Conversations for groups up to 200 people.
  • MacOS client very close of the iMessage interface.
  • Lightness of messages and photos.
  • Possible connection with IFTTT to perform actions (ex: turn on the Philips Hue via Telegram).
  • Ability to create/discuss with a bot.
  • Compatible with third party as services cat Sim (International sim).

The only downside is the fact that both parties must have a Telegram account for Exchange. Is not easy at the beginning but impress your friends and colleagues!

And you, what do you use?

There are a lot of messaging applications today, each with advantages and disadvantages. What do you use on your side and for what reasons? you are more Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, or Hangouts?

I can’t wait to read your comments and your opinion on the subject. Thank you for your loyalty and to very quickly!

PS: We meet soon for a small article on my migration of iOS to Android… 🙂