Huawei Mate 9: ownership of the pretender to the throne of phablets [Exclusive Guide]

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Huawei for just finally formalized its new phablette: Huawei Mate 9, that incorporates a great 5.9 inch screen and the new House of years, Kirin 960 processor. In a year where phablets are not necessarily well seen, the Galaxy Note 7 having burned the consciences, can he take the throne to the King? Here’s our first grip.

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The end of the year is normally relatively calm, the manufacturers generally preferring to focus on their marketing strategies ahead of Black Friday, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Which does not prevent some dare to draw attention to them.

It is obviously the case of Huawei, the Chinese automaker who wants only one thing: devour its competitor Samsung, whose missteps of the Galaxy Note 7 at year-end for not gone unnoticed.

Then comes the end of the conference Huawei of today, that us will be officially unveiled the Huawei Mate 9 and its new SoC Kirin 960. Having been able to spend some time with him, here are our first impressions hot.

Body all metal and gigantic screen

of course, the first thing that catches the eye is none other than my gigantic screen 5.9 inches. It is however a very slight modification to the previous Mate 8, who was 6 inches round. In terms of design, it remains relatively similar with an all metal body and very close dimensions.

huawei mate 9 face

The screen is the star of the show, taking the majority of the space on the side of the phone. Too bad that it stops to a Full HD definition, when its 5.9 inches would have allowed to appreciate the Quad HD. The excessively expensive Porsche version supports for its Quad HD .

Who says phablette taken a somewhat difficult hand, said necessarily but the Builder for still managed to make it nice. The construction seems good at first glance, and the phone for a comfortable weight breathable durability.

huawei mate 9 leica

The major new element of this model is of course other than my double photo sensor certified by Leica , which incorporates a 12 MP RGB as well as a monochrome 20 MP sensor sensor. The philosophy of the P9 remains so intact on this model, although quality for theoretically been revised upward. Be expected to be able to test it in better conditions of course.

The only little problem of the double sensor is that it forces a small protuberance on the back of the device, which does not interfere the grip but which will pose problems to anyone who likes to use my telephone flat on a table. The Smart Key the constructor signature is obviously back.

huawei mate 9 coque

Last problem: the speakers, that are located at the bottom of the unit but are stereo. Nothing equivalent on the mobile front speakers, a grip in mode landscape coming naturally to butcher it. Too bad for phablet, but the Jack was fortunately present. USB Type C is also incorporated, farewell USB mic!

Overall, the design of this Mate 9 seduces us although it remains in the outline of what did the manufacturer usually without truly upsetting anything. However, it’s better to be effective alongside falling expectations of its consumers.

Android Nougat at the outset and EMUI 5.0 7.0

the Chinese automaker for accustomed us to perfectly optimize my system with its phones, and this 9 Mate does exactly the same. The arrival of EMUI 5.0 doesn’t change much in my usual interface, if it isn’t some new icons more pleasant to the eye, but the novelties are multiple.

huawei mate 9 fit

We notice that Huawei for played the game and managed to mix new in Android 7.0 Nougat, like multitasking, for example, with its own shortcuts. Thus, it is possible to launch the multitasking “knocking” on the screen.

But the main novelty of this version of EMUI is the inclusion of the machine learning in order to continually customize its interface to make it better reflect the user. It will automatically highlight the most used applications, and anticipate the needs of my master.

huawei mate 9 usb c

This will also apply to the management of the RAM and the processor, in order to maximize the life of the phone which already promises a range of spectacular base with its 4000 mAh despite its thin. We can see this in test, of course, for a long time, but everything is very promising.

huawei mate 9 finesse

Obviously, it is the first to bear the Kirin 960 processor that promises a lot on paper, but it is impossible to test itself during this first grip. So stay tuned on Phonandroid to discover our full test of the Huawei Mate 9!

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