How we express ourselves is more important than our appearance! [Exclusive Guide]

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when we talk about attraction or attractiveness of a person, we usually think in physical appearance (something that we can not completely control) . However, research for found another factor that is decisive in our ‘attractiveness ‘.

in a study by Silke Anders, Professor of social and neurological sciences emotional at the University of Lübeck, Germany, participants were asked to watch videos of women who expressed different emotions.

then asked them which of these women they found most attractive. It turned out that when they better understand the emotions of women, they found them more appealing.

this conclusion is indeed quite surprising, because usually people consider as more attractive people cool and mysterious.

instead, it seems that more we express our emotions, our emotions more are easy to read, and we become attractive.

more we express our emotions and more we are attractive.

in addition to asking the participants in this study which was the most attractive woman, researchers also measured their brain activity. As a result, they had increased activity in the region of the brain that is responsible for the processing of the appeal, and those, when they were some of the emotions of women.

a another study got similar results. This time, instead of videos, participants were invited to observe pictures of six distinct (men and women) that show emotions to varying degrees.

it turned out that the people in the photos which don’t express many emotions were also the less attractive.

then, aware of this state of affairs, how to be more expressive? 🙂

have a common language

important in improving our expression, it is interesting to try to use the same ‘language’ as the person with whom we are talking.

for example, if the person always uses the word “Great.”, try to use sometimes to express the same sentiment. Not too often however to avoid ‘singer ‘.

the person will then have a better understanding of how you feel, because you speak a common language.

think about smile

is not the first time that I recommend on this blog ^^, but whenever we do not know what expression show, we just smile! This simple phrase can show our kindness, people feel so we are accessible.

learn more about the smile in the following article: 10 reasons to smile more often!

smile allows us to more accessible

use my arms

do not neglect the power of our hands! You’ve probably seen one day or the other in your life how charismatic leaders arrive to persuade and make a speech living through their hands. Let’s not forget that the movements (ou non) of our hands say a lot (colère, ressentiment, nervosité, l’excitation, etc) .

believe to free our hands and let them ‘dancing in the air. People will better understand what we mean in this way.

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