How to win at least 12,000 EUROS per tranche of 100 000 views YOUTUBE! [Quick Guide]

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how to win at least 12,000 EUROS per tranche of 100 000 views YOUTUBE!

by Maxence Rigottier

this is a guest article of Maxence Rigottier , site live on its website . Maxence is also the author of other blogs (see my blog on running for example) who allowed him, my blogger Pro and Pro Webinar, training to become a professional blogger (he made 71 495 euros of sales in 2014 on the Internet and is expected to exceed 100,000 euros in sales in 2015).

between Maxence:

make you videos on Youtube? Do you follow the challenge of Olivier Roland a video a day on my Youtube Channel ‘? Can you see from your Youtube videos of qualified leads for your business blog on a daily basis? Are you doing some CASH each month with Youtube?

today ‘ today, I will explain the steps and show you how to have a profitable BUSINESS with Youtube without being a pro of the technique, without spending hours and hours…

12,000 euros per tranche of 100 000 views YOUTUBE somewhere that is the theme of your blog!

until that time, you are certainly skeptical and I’ll also be reading the lines above. The majority of the YouTubers are of the adsense advertising . In General, with advertising adsense, for every million views, the creator of its channel Youtube earns between 1000 to 2000 euros . Suffice to say that for 1000 to 2000 euros per million views, it is quedal and it takes a lot of views to be able to live. This is typically the YouTubers of video games, humor, laughter… coming to live Youtube advertising with huge audiences. In reality, they returned a not so important that their hearing counterparts. My method, at least 12,000 euros per year per 100 000 views . Are you ready? Here we go!

you ask the next question?


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in your opinion, how do you find out your audience or customers compared to your blog, web site… Generally, 5 responses return regularly according to the theme of your blog or your business which are as follows:

  1. Google
  2. Youtube
  3. Facebook (facebook free or paid advertising fan page)
  4. partnership or Word of mouth
  5. co-registration

you understood If you do not use Youtube today, you deprive yourself of a very important channel for the development of your business. In addition, leads from Youtube are substantially more cost-effective and good qualities from the prospects coming from Facebook.

3 points to apply in your Youtube videos to publish systematically of the content with a marketing strategy!

do you know the difference between the Pro bloggers and amateur bloggers? Do you know the difference between publish content and publish content with a marketing strategy that will always pay in the months and years to come!

pros bloggers publish systematically content with a marketing so that bloggers lovers (people who are unable to live on their knowledge and their expertise) publish content but “to publish content”. In turn, outcomes are less or very low among fans because they have no pre-defined strategies. This was my case in 2011, 2012 and 2013 before I changes the game.

what are the 3 points to apply in your Youtube videos?

step 1 : make professional videos or semi-pro

Plus your content is pro , more your authority in the eyes of your audience will be high … Of course, if you start, it’s logical that your videos are fair fair or correct (that was my case several years for myself), but with practice, you will progress.

take the example of a tennis player.

the first times he plays tennis, tennis ball often in the net or off the court. However, more it’s will, it will progress and will get a very good level. I like the motto of Olivier, be imperfect but move you ! It’s the same thing in video, more to do, more you will be natural and pro . As a result, your hearing may also see your progress in the good sense of the word.

step 2 : put a call to action within your videos and retrieve the mail of prospects!

whenever you make videos for Youtube, I invite you to 100% at the end of your Youtube videos to calls to action to get directions to your prospects.

here is 1 example of call to action of Olivier below


by clicking on the video, you will fall on this page below, (allowing Olivier to recover its contact details, it is the email address of the person who wants to download my book). He can contact my ‘FANS’ the number of times that he wants to offer its free and paid content.


here is a call to action from one of my videos from my Youtube of Blogging/Web-entrepreneurship chain


here’s the bonus that I propose by clicking at the end of my videos Youtube of Blogging to get directions to people from Youtube


step 3 : Put stickers on your videos to attract the eye of visitors

make the Pro YouTube bloggers? Do bloggers fans on Youtube?

pros implement thumbnails on their youtube videos while fans publish just the content without refine it. In short, to attract the eye of visitors, it is well to implement the thumbnails to distinguish yourself from the competition and have more views…

here’s an example of Olivier sticker on the video “find the idea of my blog?”


some examples of tile I do on all my sites (Paris sports/race walk/Blogging)


here is the system to be implemented on Youtube :

by implementing my advice above ( 3 actions to do in your Youtube videos ), you will get to the minimum 2% conversion .

at least 2000 leads for each of 100,000 views Youtube!

what is this mean?

whenever A 100 people watching one of your Youtube videos, at least 2 people you will leave their contact information (their name and their email ) and return directly to the database of your email to your auto-responder software lists. For my part, I use and recommend programs like Aweber and Mailchimp for my sports betting, running and blogging site.

100,000 views 2% conversion x = 2000 qualified prospects

important Note : many spectators will watch several videos but you can watch with views unique to complete your test. You might like the results.

you understood, this isn’t ‘the Moon’ to have such figures. You can do much better but let’s be modest in order to be sure that you can reach whatever the theme of your blog.

at least 6 euros per year and per lead from Youtube!

when you want to increase the turnover of your business, 3 levers are to be taken into account:

  1. work on the increase in the number of customers
  2. work on the customers purchase frequency (how often will your customers buy your products and services).
  3. work on the increase of the average basket of your customers (number of complementary products you offer directly after the purchase of the first product)

depending on your profile, focus at least on one of the 3 levers . In 2014 and 2015, I invested 100% for my site of sporting bets on the frequency of purchase.

each month, you get for example a new product between 50 euros and 200 euros (for example, it can be common coaching, the sale of small training video, audios, some private coaching records the sale of private workshops,…)

based on the price of your product, the goal is to get at least 50 cents per lead every month out of the launch of your product.

3 examples:

you sell your product to 50 euros. You have 2000 prospects, the aim is to achieve 20 sales.

(20 ventes x 50 euros = 1000 euros) or 1% of your list. Anyway, these are absolutely achievable figures a few or the theme of your web site.

you sell your product to 100 euros. You have 2000 prospects, the goal is to make 10 sales.

(10 ventes x 100 euros = 1000 euros) or 0.5 percent of your list. In short, these are quite realistic numbers.

you sell your product at 500 euros. You have 2000 prospects, the goal is to make 2 sales.

(2 ventes x 500 euros = 1000 euros) is 0.1% of your list. With a method of application, you’re going to achieve the sales without “orchestrated launches’ which is a very powerful method for selling more than 200 euros.

you guessed it, whatever the lever (s) that you will use to sell your products and your services to the leads you get from Youtube, the goal is that you earn at least 6 euros per year and per lead.

summary of the overall system :

100,000 views x 2% conversion through your marketing on Youtube = 2000 prospects

2000 prospects x 0.5 euro per month x 12 months = 2000 x 6 euro = 12,000 euros

Yes, you read that right. WIN at least 12 000 euros to every 100,000 views youtube .

based on the theme of your site, you will get at least 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000 qualified leads coming from Youtube then you cash at least 6, 7, 10, 15 euros per prospect a year.

20 minutes, 1 video a day then at least 133 225 views on YOUTUBE starting from 0.

If you’re 1 neophyte on Youtube, you’re saying you: “Maxence thanks but I don’t even have a Youtube Channel” or just some videos produced on without marketing strategy.

you may ask you the following question: “How do I already have at least 100 000 views Youtube and make Youtube a machine to prospects for the coming years?

make a Youtube video a day for a year on the theme of your web site. The duration of the video may be less than 10 to 15 minutes.


starting from 0, whatever the theme of your business, you will be able to quickly realize 100,000 views on Youtube and take your your first 10 000 euros! 😉

assume that each video realize at least 1 day view (again, hard to make more careful).

365 videos (1 video a day for 1 year) x 365 views per video (1 view per day per video) = 133 225 views.

  • 1 video a day for 1 year = 365 videos

  • 1 visit per day on average on each video = 365 visits per year per video

  • 365 videos x 365 visits = 133 225 views

  • if 2 visits per day on average per video = 266 450 views

  • if 5 visits per day in average per video 666 125 = views

  • if 10 visits per day on average per video = 1 332 250 views

within a year, you can basically put in place through Youtube “a war machine” for the years to come and have a real business that turns in your favor in less than 30 minutes a day.

to me, about the production of the videos, I turn them by ‘pack’, a day of shooting per month on average for 15 to 20 videos up for the coming weeks.

how to have dozens and dozens of ideas for your Youtube videos?

maybe at this stage of reading, you say you “Maxence thanks for all your advice but that do face running out of ideas, or power be able to produce an idea of video every day?”

for example, you can watch the best key words of the theme of your blog, look at the articles of magazines in connection with your blog… I give you an example about the tennis.

  1. how to make an ace?
  2. how to succeed my forehand?
  3. how to succeed a setback?
  4. how to earn with a winning passing?
  5. how not commit double fault?
  6. how to recover from a 5-set match?
  7. what power adopt the night before a game?
  8. how to play the doubles tennis?
  9. how to serve on grass?
  10. how to serve on clay?
  11. how to determine on what surfaces are better than others?

Etc etc, it’s very easy to find hundreds of videos in 1 hour ideas whatever the theme of your blog. Personally, I played only 3 times tennis in my life. I am not very familiar with this sport and I’ll be able to give you hundreds of ideas for videos.


to conclude, here are two visions that you must have in your mind.

to 2% on your views conversion rate = 2000 prospects x 6 euros per year = 12 000 euros

A each million views, 120 000 euros which falls in your business at a minimum. A real viable and sustainable long-term business is born.

to 5% on your views conversion rate = 5000 prospects x 6 euros per year = 30 000 euros

A each million views, 300,000 euros that will go directly into the accounts of your company. Yes, you read that right! A real “war machine” will turn in your favor for the months and years to come. This will allow you to be or to be part of the leaders in your market through Youtube.

and you?

you are making YOUTUBE a MACHINE generating the qualified leads? What are your marketing strategies when you post a video? let me your answer in the comments below.

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