How to use the Notes feature in Windows

6:41 pm March 30, 20179429

Windows for a nice utility you can use to attach notes on the screen on the desktop since version. In contrast to their real counterparts, the Windows notes also not from the screen can fall down.

to launch the notes on the desktop

a note to put Windows 7 on the Start button, click and type short notes .

use the search function in Windows 8 and 10 before the “anniversary update” and enter there as well sticky notes .

a updates Windows 10 (stand March 2017) provides no hits with sticky notes . Enter sticky notes .

“Sticky Notes” doesn’t work for you also, then download the program for free from the Windows store.

so the sticky notes via keyboard shortcut

  1. start looking for the symbol for the notes according to the preceding instructions.
  2. click on the site with the right mouse button and select PIN to taskbar out.
  3. drag the icon in the system tray to the first position, so that it looks like as shown in the picture.

    Sticky Notes in der Taskleiste
    Drag the note icon in the first place in the system tray.

  4. , press [Alt+ 1] now, then calling the memo so.

you read more to the keyboard shortcuts on the taskbar in so you start programs faster through a keyboard shortcut .

to use the sticky notes from Windows

to start a small, yellow sticky note on your screen, in which you can type your note text appears.

Haftnotiz auf Desktop von Windows 7
sticky note on the desktop of Windows 7

click on the small plus sign left above the note you add a new note. The notes allow themselves by dragging the title bar move freely on the screen and pull like any other Windows window bigger or smaller.

automatic links turn

click on the menu icon… and then click the gear icon for the settings links below, you can enable the option insights turn on .

then Windows attempts in the notes to evaluate known identifiers. You enter a flight number, for example, she will be highlighted in red by the system. Click then on it, see details on the flight down. This function will still be developed in the course of time.

Notizen mit intelligenter Erkennung
the memo recognizes flight numbers and to a mouse click and to display details.

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