How to use Google Drive from an iPhone to Android? [Exclusive Guide]

2:43 am February 19, 201714348

Google for just deployed a new handy feature on Google Drive. You can back up your contacts, photos, videos… directly on the service cloud , since the app, then transfer them to your new Android device. Demonstration.


prerequisites them

when moving from an iPhone (iOS) to an Android device, it must save and transfer the data. The Google solution is rather interesting, because it requires no cable and no PC nearby. You will just need your two devices and wireless Internet (for photos and videos).

Google Drive allows you to automatically transfer:

  • contacts that will be saved in Google Contacts automatically synced with your Google account
  • Photos and videos, which you can find in Google Photos
  • appointment, calendar appointments will be transferred into Agenda

Drive handles installed apps or SMS and other data that you can store on your device : documents (PDF, Word…), it will have to transfer them manually.

Note that the Google backup prevents you make a second backup on the cloud or on a physical storage space.


so you just download Google Drive and connect it to your Google account.

on your iPhone to get in the side menu on the left, and click on “settings”. In the menu that loads, it will then go to ‘save ‘. Be sure to give the iOS necessary permissions to the Drive application.


the transfer may take some time, and it will leave the app open. Feel free to plug in your device.

the approach is different from that of Apple, which also for an Android app to facilitate the switch between the two systems.  Move to iOS is responsible for scan the content to send to a terminal iOS, and will also propose to put on hold the download (or rather to suggest) these free applications both on the Store and the App Store, and to place paid-for titles in the iTunes wish list.

Google began to try to woo iPhone users, with its Pixel and its migration tools. You can also find dedicated page ‘switch’ at Google with many tips.


among the tips: iMessage disabling, otherwise the text will continue to be transferred to your old iPhone or iPad instead of your new Android phone.