How to uninstall programs in Windows

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unused programs cost not only valuable space on your hard disk, but clog up the start menu. Removal is easy.

apps and programs uninstall

  1. click on the Start button with the right mouse button.
  2. from the menu that appears the point apps and features select (Windows 8 it is programs and features ).
  3. it appears a list of installed programs.
  4. If you specifically want to rid a certain software, use the search box and enter part of a name.
  5. find the biggest space wasters, select in the list box size sort of the entry.
  6. select a program.
  7. now several buttons appear.
  8. uninstall, click and follow the instructions.

    Programm Deinstallieren
    So are 10 uninstall a program in Windows

to delete a program with Windows 7

, uninstall software, click on the Start button left below on the desktop and choose then Control Panel . Then, you see in the left column of the control panel below to uninstall the entry program . Click on it.

now see a list of programs installed on your Windows PC, including the date of installation and the size. Fooled you but by the size specification: many programs to play up in addition files, which consume far more space.

Liste der unter Windows 7 installierten Programme
to remove the programs installed under Windows 7

a program list, click on it and then choose uninstall above the list of . If necessary, you must confirm the action with your administrators password (if you don’t know that, you try it, to leave the field blank). Then click on yes .

after the program is removed either immediately or even a separate uninstall wizard will appear. Through which you work through, until the software was finally removed from your computer.

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