How to succeed my Blog? 9 tips from Pro [Quick Guide]

2:13 am May 10, 20179727

make my blog is within the reach of all but it is necessary to know some tips and know exactly where you are going. It is insufficient to launch my blog and wait to know success. For successful launch, you need to learn a few techniques that work and if possible learn to use WordPress. Wondering about getting into blogging? Here are 9 tips that allow to achieve its objectives and to live my blog immediately.

réussir son blog

1 – facilitate the sharing of content

to make known my blog to facilitate the sharing of content. Many Internet users are lazy and not going to take the time to copy and paste a URL to share it; others are simply not do this. It is therefore important to integrate quick and simple sharing buttons. Avoid if possible to offer too many choices, just social networks the most classic like Facebook and Twitter. WordPress extensions much easier you.

2 – create a static home page to succeed my blog

you were tempted by the idea of putting content “nine” on your homepage? You should instead create a welcome page static instead of sending the visitor on your recent publications, in this way, you will attract attention to your work or your person… and not only on an article!

3 – insert several Opt-In

if the Opt-In seem to sometimes aggressive and unpleasant for the navigation, they are yet very effective! The plus great bloggers swear by the opt-ins enabling them to acquire every day new email address… and you know without doubt that the e-mail address is the Holy Grail of all blogger which for a minimum of ambition!
Insert one or two opt-in and see if it works, in principle, this is part of the best tips to succeed my blog .

4 – create a page ‘start here’ to succeed my blog professional

is not create my blog to succeed in winning money with. If you want to make it profitable, you have to directly involve the visitor in encouraging them to evolve, step by step in your universe. Once he clicks on the tab, the user will be prompted to insert my email address, which will allow you to raise many addresses . Take advantage of this space to talk about you, explain what is the site and what he can bring to the reader.

5 – fill the space above the waterline

the water line is the line that separates the visible part of a webpage during the loading of the invisible part without scrolling. A blog well managed is a blog that displays a maximum of relevant information above the waterline. Studies that focus on the subject say that 80% of our attention is focused on this part, underneath, we are much less sensitive.

make sure to clearly display a short presentation of your blog, evidence of its success and ideally a window to collect addresses.

6 – play with overlays

just as the opt-in, overlays may tend to interfere with the user experience, so you should use them sparingly so that they do not flee your visitors. Nevertheless, well-integrated overlays will significantly increase the number of captures e-mail addresses . This can for example create a welcome mat. Keep in mind that more you address, most likely of you succeed your blog !

7 – learn to use the low area of page

looking for advice for succeed a blog ? little bloggers think but low page area is of capital importance, because it is generally for the most engaged visitors. Use this box to place relevant links and create new columns. For example, put in the first links to products, in the second the most interesting articles from your site, in the third your contact and in the last your logo.

8 – highlight the social evidence

there is no secret, one that wonders how to succeed my blog must know that it is necessary to have a minimum of notoriety. “Social proof” is testimony, good reviews in the media, opinions, notes, etc. A U.S. study reports that 70% of consumers look at the notes of a product before deciding on the purchase. You have no notoriety and you just barely start a blog ? Don’t worry, you can make yourself known by offering interviews to other bloggers or making invited articles.

9 – choose the right colors to encourage click

conversion rate often depends on the colors chosen for encourage click. Your CTA (call to action) buttons must contrast with the rest of the blog. The Green and red for example are excellent color to the click.

as your blog to focus on the mode , beauty , travel or on any other topic, these tips to gain loyal visitors and likely to engage. A user who is online, which navigates and goes through the site is a user that makes you more confident. Don’t neglect any part of your blog, each paragraph, each colour for its importance and influence your audience. Finally, do not forget to create my blog it is also personal commitment over time because you will need to help at least a few hours a week. A wrong blog maintained is a blog doomed to failure to succeed , but to instead show that you are present and responsive. Feel free to use the social networks to boost your publications and YouTube to increase your brand awareness.

well its blog cannot be improvised, these pro tips will help you can be direct you to two specific objectives: collect a maximum of email addresses and put forward your skills and your results.