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depending on the installation, it may happen that Windows refused to create a normal user. At startup of the operating system, the user is then automatically logged as administrator.

This is uncertain. It is much better to set up its own user for Windows everyday. Only for maintenance tasks, you choose then the Administrators account a.

Set up new local users in Windows 10

  1. [Win – R] press.
  2. Type netplwiz a. Then press [Return].
  3. Click Add to .
  4. It appears a login window, which asks for the E-mail address.
  5. Click on without Microsoft account login .
  6. It follows a click on local account .
  7. Enter the user name and password (twice) and the password hint to the user.
  8. Click on on .
  9. It follows a click on finish .
Windows Benutzer hinzufügen
To set up a Windows user, you need a user name, password, and a password hint.

Then, the new user is created. If you want to log on a user with Microsoft account, in step 4, type the E-mail address of the Microsoft account and follow the instructions.

To set up a user in Windows 7

  1. press [Win – R].
  2. Type netplwiz a. Then press [Return].
  3. On the screen, you see the dialog box user accounts now.
  4. Click user you must enter username and password user .
  5. Then click Add and enter the data for a new user.
  6. A click followed by on . Enter a password for the user, press the [Tab] button and repeat the password.
  7. In the following dialog box, select whether you use a standard , user or a Administrator want to set up. We recommend default user for daily work. It’s safer.
  8. With set to finish the new user is set up. Close the user accounts by clicking on OK and log off by clicking on the Start button and unsubscribe . (The selection with unsubscribe appears when you click the small arrow to the right of shutdown .)

Then you can login under your name.

Neuen Benutzer eintragen in Windows 7
Enter new user in Windows 7
Abmelde-Dialog in Windows 7
Logout dialog in Windows 7
Anmeldung als normaler Benutzer in Windows 7
login as a normal user in Windows 7

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