How to retrieve your personal files on a smartphone broken [Exclusive Guide]

9:31 pm March 15, 201710138

a smartphone is an object that can break very easily. It was nice to take care as much as we can and that’s the drama. How to retrieve all the photos and music stored while the screen is totally broken? Fortunately, it is quite possible, even when the touchscreen unresponsive. We have selected for you several methods.

smartphone casse

recover your data on a broken smartphone, here’s how!

If you perform the regular backups of your smartphone or use services of cloud as Google Photos or Google Drive, you will probably not face this problem in case of breakage, but as is still not the case for everyone today, here are some alternatives.

Your smartphone is broken and you didn’t have time to backup all your data ? You have therefore more than one solution: get your hands dirty and get you even the data stored in your phone by choosing the most suitable way according to your case.

The best apps to backup your data

1. First method: your smartphone screen is broken but works still

this is the most common scenario, you broke your smartphone screen but the device turns on again and the screen works totally or partially. In all cases, it is imperative that you can unlock it .

If your smartphone for a fingerprint sensor, it shouldn’t be a problem. In this case, the alternative to recover its data when the touch surface is damaged is to plug a mouse in OTG on your smartphone.

You need then to enter your password or draw your diagram of unlocking the mouse. Once you’ve done this, then disconnect your OTG mouse to connect your smartphone to your computer, unless you use a USB Hub.

Once your smartphone unlocked , here’s how:

  • connect your smartphone to your PC via a USB cable
  • open File Explorer Windows then go to the directory “This PC”
  • unlock your smartphone
  • make sure the option mass storage is well on. The icon is normally visible in the notifications.
stockage USB
  • click the icon of your smartphone to explore its content
ce pc
  • select the folder “internal storage memory”
dossiers smartphone
  • copy and paste the folders and files you want to recover to a folder of your PC
recuperer fichiers smartphone

2. Use the PC [email protected]

C’est software unfortunately very beast but it happens. When you break your smartphone screen, it is possible to answer more or no longer lights. If you don’t have a mouse OTG on hand, so you can’t unlock it, which complicates access to the content of the files.

If this is your case, know that there is a software called [email protected] which will allow you d ‘ display the screen of your smartphone to your PC . Note Although this method requires some prerequisites as to have previously activated the USB debugging on your device.


how to display the screen of your smartphone to your PC

droid at screen
  • if ever the program fails to find adb , find it manually on your HDD
  • once you have recognized your smartphone, it appears in the software. You then have access to your phone broke from your PC screen and you can start backing up your files.

3 Android Control software

if never the method described above does not work for you, there is a third that will allow you to take control in the same way, always thanks to your PC, using the Android Control software based on [email protected] Note that you must also have enabled USB debugging on the device and have the right drivers and Java. Here’s how:

  • download Android Control software
  • download Adb-
  • unzip ADB
  • launch Android Control.
  • In [email protected], go to the
  • ADB tab

  • select ‘ADB Executable Path’ then ADB.exe
  • you can now control your smartphone using the virtual keyboard which appears on your screen and you can start backing up your files.
android control ecran

in the hope that one of these three methods have helped you to recover your data, none is infallible, but the three operate according to the State of degradation of the device and the configuration of your PC.

4 use the Chrome Vysor extension

Vysor is a Chrome extension that allows you to display the screen of your smartphone on the PC version of the Chrome browser. However, it will require to have previously activated the USB debugging. This is the case, then you can try this solution. Just need you to do this to:

once you are connected to the same Google account from two devices, you can then proceed with the backup.