How to retain its key talent? [Quick Guide]

11:21 pm April 25, 201712948

How to retain its key talent?

As explained in the world in January , internal mobility is one of the pillars of the world of work and particularly in France. It allows to build a real corporate culture by giving a chance to the employees who know the House, climb the ranks and perpetuate the spirit of the company. >. We presents the internal promotion as a calculated, moderate risk, but the chosen talent for the skills to take on my new role. How to identify the key talent? We give you some leads.

Define skills

when a post is to be filled, it is important to define the contours of it, nothing should be left to chance. It must be able to define the necessary skills but also go further by highlighting the qualities of the human (“soft”). In describing the characteristics necessary to assume this position, you will define a portrait type of talent, which will help you move forward in your recruitment process. So you will know if you are looking for someone who for already results, someone who shines by its ideas, someone who for rare skills, a young high-potential, a person knowing adapt… This upstream work is essential and ensure effective recruitment.

Managers and employees: communication at the center of the process

at the heart of this device there obviously, employees, as well as human resources managers who hold the information necessary for recruitment. When a new post is to be filled, managers can assess which of their staff for the capacity to evolve and take on new responsibilities. They can look special, certainly fairer than HR. That said, the employees also have to play an active role: they must put forward their course and their aspirations, in order to prove that they are ready to assume a higher position. Once this information is collected, analysed, it is essential to rely on technology to make the decision the most suitable and appropriate to the company.

The software of human resources to ensure better results

the collection of information is going to rely on a lot of data but should still use them effectively. This is far from simple, and that is why today ‘ today many companies rely on technological means. The 100% Cloud Talentsoft software , European leader in talent management, proposes to support companies in their human resources action plans. This allows to identify the talent and to analyze the data collected to train career plans and thus facilitate the recruitment decisions. Rely on technology makes communication easier and allows a better sharing of information between the various actors. So you the best arrangements to analyze a key talent and offer him the post to be filled. This will also allow you to quickly measure the differences in skills between the post and the candidate.

Internal mobility is a key issue for businesses today. By effectively setting the position to be filled, you will be able to collect information from HR, managers and employees to analyze them through technology. By following this process, you can highlight one or key talent who can lay claim to the post and thus to promote internal mobility within your company.