How to replace a switch by a Philips Hue Dimmer Switch? [Exclusive Guide]

6:28 am January 19, 201711228

I recently made the acquisition of several bulbs Philips Hue as well as switch Dimmer Switch (thanks balances for once). This is according to me the ideal solution to manage these bulbs Hue but I wasn’t a fan of the idea of having two switches on the wall. So here is a tutorial on how to replace a conventional switch by one from Philips!


before you begin, there are a few prerequisites to have so that everything runs as it should.

  • Already have at least a basic kit Philips Hue with a bridge and the lights or colors.
  • Owning one or more switches Philips Hue Dimmer Switch .
  • Have a electric domino by switch to replace (3 switches = 3 dominoes for example).
  • Some tools as a screwdriver or pliers to disassembly.

Finally, remember power at least on the lights during the completion of the operation. You never know! 🙂

switch dismantling existing

after turning off the power, you have to remove the existing switch. For this, it is not complicated! Simply remove a cache (there where he scored Legrand in my case) to be able to access the screws and thus make the change. Do not hesitate a use a screwdriver to pry underneath, it’s more convenient.

After unscrewing the switch, just to shoot slightly to dissociate it from the block. You can disconnect the two wires behind it. Don’t rely too much on the color of mine, it’s an old building so the old standards. You will normally have a blue wire to the neutral and a Black/Brown for the phase .

Our goal is that the circuit is always closed so that you can control lighting via the remote control, we will place a electric domino between the two sons who was on the front switch. For example, so always light electrically speaking.

It’s over for the electrical part. Anyway, check that by challenging the current light in your room. If this is the case, replace the wires inside and we will proceed to the installation of the Philips Dimmer Switch.

Installation of the Philips Hue Dimmer Switch

the switch is broken down into three parts: remote control, support coming to focus on the wall and the support on which comes the remote control. Let’s proceed to the mounting bracket . I reused for this the screws of the switch above to reattach it in the wall.

Depending on your box installation, you can put one or two screws: the difference between the width of the media Hue and the box for your switch. In my case, I put that one screw but it is already very good, it’s very light.

It you just put back the upper part of the bracket and snap your remote top. If it is already associated, you can now have fun with and turn on/turn off the light , change of scenario, etc.

but what’s the difference in the end?

When I had my first blisters Hue, I was really disappointed by the fact that when you turned off the light electrically via the switch on the wall:

  • we lose the current scenario, it is necessarily white to the next power on.
  • Impossible to relight the lamp via the app or HomeKit, forced to pass through the switch.

So, a lot of my bulbs were often off electrically and not via the app or HomeKit. So I solved completely this problem with these switches Philips Hue, even if someone outside of the House comes home, this skew in my install.

Of course, it would have been possible to come fix it above my first switch but I found that it was a lot. I hope this little tutorial will help you in your House, if you have any questions or remarks, do not hesitate in the comments. Thank you!