How to recreate the WSUS database? [Quick Guide]

4:48 am January 3, 20178171

database server WSUS magnified over time, especially because as time passes and more there are updates of downloaded in order to distribute them to the clients. Except that some updates become useless, especially because there are updates that replace of other , but they continue to take up space.

logo-wsus1 The WSUS console includes a cleaning feature which usually saves several gigabytes of disk space, especially if it for not been run for a long time. Also available on internet PowerShell scripts smoothly and that allow to automate regular cleaning.

If the cleaning for never been done and that the WSUS turn for a long time… Then it may be sometimes long and difficult to clean, then it becomes faster to start from scratch. Without provided uninstall WSUS, we can put it back to zero to start on a sound basis, it’s Meghan Stewart at Microsoft, suggests in my article on the Microsoft blog.

The procedure will make you particularly make a backup database by security before giving it to zero just like the working directory of WSUS where updates are stored.

Here is the link of the article: Recreating the SUSDB and WSUS Content folder for a Windows Server 2012 based WSUS computer

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