How to optimize the display of an image associated with a mobile result on Google? [Exclusive Guide]

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Google now displays images on the mobile on my SEO results: how to optimize their display? Is it possible to choose the image on the front page?

we presented recently a test that Google was making on mobile to display an “image to the one” to illustrate the natural results of its engine . This optimization is now also visible on French mobile results on some queries related to products. You want to understand how Google decides to display X or Y image? We too, so here’s what we know.

has so far always Google has not formalized the fact that this optimization is a test or deployed new (or current deployment). Whether it’s one of the many A/B testing Google or not, force is see that many francophone and international mobile results back now “images on the front page”, it would be a shame not to try to optimize at best according to what we know!

how to get an image of illustration for my mobile SEO result?

  • before going further, you already ask the following question: my site sells, or is it the promotion of products? if the answer is ‘No’, no need to go further in the process as these images appear on sites that sell or speak of products (e-commerce, product test site, sites editorials which are, compare or test products). We have for example tested queries as: ‘Japanese restaurant’, ‘wholesaler hairstyle’, ‘architect paris’ and nothing displayed.
  • in a second time, you should know that you are well positioned on Google Mobile SEO results, more likely that a picture on the front page you. If Google sometimes shows only images of the top 2 (ex: research “ phone cell phone ” ‘ “), 3 or 4 (ex: research” battery external iphone 6 “‘”), some rare queries display images for all the results of the first page (ex: research “ lock 3 points ” ‘ “).
  • make sure to tag your images of products with “Product”. Prefer the square format images, .jpg and with white backgrounds.
  • make sure that your site is sufficiently “appreciated” by Google before hoping to see these images: ex: If you use the AggregateRating markup on some of your pages, your stars appear in the search results? If so, you have a chance to see these images. If not, this may be more difficult.
  • I mean, Google is the only master on board, you can have all the indicators to the Green, if it decides to not display picture to the one on your mobile results, you will not be able much…

image une resultats mobiles google

is it possible to choose the image displayed in the Google mobile search results?

Yes and no, it’s actually not very clear. If in the majority of cases, Google seems to move in its mobile search results the first image it finds in a list of products , in some cases, it is an image in the middle of the list (ex: 1st page – last natural mobile search “lock 3 points” result).

according to our observations, it seems that by displaying an image of a product we would like to have a first, this gives us more chances that this image be selected by Google.

on a particular site, it was obvious. Google was back up the first image marked with the markup Product of . Therefore, the use of this markup can likely help guide Google in the choice of the image, even if all websites that have these images to a mark not necessarily their products with

example: how Google chooses the image to the one for the search “battery external iphone 6”?

image une resultat mobile google

here are the top 3 natural results that were displayed in my search “battery external iphone 6” in the vicinity of Paris. We see that they have all an image to the one on Google Mobile.

balisage schema org image product mobile

on this screenshot, we see that the image that was in the mobile Google SEO results is actually the first image of the page tagged with . It is also an image on a white background in a square format with a size of 250 x 250 pixels.

format, dimensions, type, what should we prefer for images?

Google shows only in its mobile SEO results of the product images on white background ( he recommends to tag with priority this type of images ).

in the images that appear on Google with 104 x 104 pixels sizes. It is so highly unlikely that Google prefers square images with sizes easily compatible with its 104 x 104 pixels.

for which is of the type .jpg image, seems to be the most appreciated format by Google according to our observations.

Summary: how to increase my chances to see a picture to the one my mobile SEO result on Google?

  • tag your images of products with
  • opt for images of products on a white background
  • opt for square images
  • make every effort to appear in the Top 3 of Google, even if images appear also on results positioned at lower places on some queries

how to optimize the display of an image associated with a mobile result on Google?

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