How to make a good cable management for my office? [Exclusive Guide]

5:36 pm April 29, 201714343

I decided to write a small article today that in the head a few months: how to make a good cable management at home? The people who surround me know my ‘passion’ for cables (Yes, strange passion) and I wanted to share it with you. Let me give you a few tips and products that I use for a perfect result!

first it must identify the set of devices and accessories that you have to connect, check at the same time you have enough outlets to plug in properly all you want.

The goal then is to release the floor to avoid having cables that hang out in the feet. It for many advantages: more enjoyable daily, avoids that your pets eat cables and easier to clean!

I use a range cable coming to settle under the desk to come and rest the cables. We found 20 euros at IKEA and 25 euros in Amazon in premium. It’s really super convenient and it is the basis according to me a good cable management (you can even ask a HDD on it for example).

In addition, you can add small adhesive fasteners with serfex for 3 euros on Amazon , useful to group together and easily guide wires under your desk.

If you need to fix a power strips under the desk (which was not my case here), I recommend the small strips velcro to 5 Euro at Amazon . If it is well positioned on both sides, it holds without problem.

So you can quickly achieve a result as for my office, than I need to half of you, but however, it is not over! There’s still some handy accessories according to your configuration.

First of all, the famous box cables (you can see in the photo below). I already told in a previous article , the best quality/price ratio is the box rectangle at Allibert within 9 euros on Amazon , it also exists in a version square for a similar price on Amazon . It’s convenient, but do not have a lot of cables!

We turn on the desktop now. Tired of always having to go get a lightning cable or charger to your computer that falls behind your desk? For my part, I use a small batch of CableDrop from Bluelounge , it takes about 5 Euro on Amazon for a set of 6.

Finally, the ultimate trick is to place a multi-port USB loader on the side of your desktop. I stole this tip to my friend Bob and I admit that it is useful on a daily basis. I chose a 5 charger ports from Anker, there are more but this is the new version for 25 euros on Amazon .

In summary, for less than 40 euros , you have the possibility to make a clean installation with a good cable management . Of course, this solution can be adapted to your living room with the TV stand and many peripherals.

I hope this little tutorial/guide you liked, if you have tips or tips, share them in the comments 🙂