How to install the Google Play Store and Play Services on the Honor 6 X? -Tutorial [Exclusive Guide]

11:23 am February 18, 20175774

for lovers of smartphone on a budget, buy a device as the Honor 6 X can be tempting. This one however is not sold in France at the moment and we have to import it. In addition, according to retailers, it does not necessarily whole suite of Google applications. So we will guide you step by step on installing Google services, as well as my store on a Honor terminal that does not.


install Google services and the Store still required some knowledge a few years ago. But since then, things are are considerably simplified, as we shall see.

install the Google Play Store and Google Play Services

a major drawbacks of imported smartphones in Asia, it is that they are generally not the applications you usually use. This is the case of the Honor 6 X . To remedy this, simply open the s torus applications of Huawei, Hi App, then search for the Google Store, as illustrated below.


from there, things will be pretty simple, because once the Store installed, you will have the opportunity to get your Google account on the first launch, before I pick the apps you want to. Note that Google applications work correctly, you must install the Google Play Services , available on the Store.

Finally, once Google Play Store installed on your Honor 6 X, you might want to change the application launcher. Indeed, in contrast to the next version of Emition UI, EMUI 5.0 , this version currently does not have a drawer of applications. Since EMUI 5.0 is available in beta at the moment and is reserved for the Honor 8 , you might want to change the applications Launcher. To do this, you can refer to our dedicated tutorial.

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