How to install the Android 7.0 Nougat on my OnePlus 3 beta? -Tutorial [Exclusive Guide]

7:48 am February 19, 201714934

with its Open Beta 8, OnePlus 3 offers Android public Nougat 7.0 in beta test. The manufacturer for since removed the files from my site and forum, but it is always possible to get hold of it. But what of these files once downloaded? How do you say you “ Flash ” update to the beta of Nougat, follow the guide.

updated 14 December 2016: adding the official file of the Open Beta 9

the OnePlus 3 is even easier to update than a Google Nexus . In addition, manipulation does lose any personal data. No reason not to learn how to upgrade to the Android 7.0 Nougat beta of the OnePlus 3 , which is available since November 30 .

Note that we tested this procedure on one OnePlus 3 installed version Open Beta 7 under . If your smartphone for a stock ROM, it is possible that you need through ADB commands.

added December 12, 2016: If you come from the official version of OxygenOS and not the Beta, the menu to upgrade local does not appear in the settings (thanks to DioAlgo for pointing this out).

you can then try to go through Install from internal storage in recovery ( see below for how to access ) or through the ADB commands. For this second option, a tutorial is available on our website .

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you can usually find the files to update the OnePlus smartphones on the official website of the brand. Unfortunately, those corresponding to the beta Android 7.0 Nougat on the OnePlus 3 Open Beta 8 – for been removed from the list. In the thread dedicated on the official forum, Tony L. explains that “ the team for removed the file Open Beta 8 since they had gathered enough feedback about version user. Since then, it is always possible to recover this file via the mirror links post XDA corresponding .

update 14 December 2016: the update to the Open Beta 9 is available on the official website of OnePlus .


download the Open Beta 8 on Google Drive

download the Open Beta 9 on the official website of OnePlus

then put the zip file to the root of the internal memory of the phone, this will allow the smartphone to detect the file later.


update installation

go to the phone settings, at the level of the update of the system section. Then click the Cog at the top right, click to upgrade local . Your archive zip should then be included in the list of packages to install. Select it, and press upgrade now .


to see the big picture: on PC, click on the image and then on “view full size” and mobile, press and hold and then “open image in new tab”

the phone updates itself, and restarts. If you ever want to start from scratch, turn off your phone and hold the keys power and low volume , which opens the recovery. choose language English , then click Wipe data & cache to erase all your data.