How to install Norskale? [Quick Guide]

7:40 am November 8, 20168789

I. introduction

Hello everyone, today I will introduce a product that I could put 2 customers: Norskale, founded by Pierre Marmignon, well-known to the Citrix Community as one of the CTP ( Citrix Technology Professional ) the more rewarded.

Go for a ride on my website: . Even if Norskale is a French company its site is in English. More seller abroad 😉

in early September, Citrix bought Norskale

but what is Norskale?

First Norskale for 2 products: transform and Vuem. The product transform allows you to lock your workstation and for not only a kiosk on the screen (access to a web page for example). Very convenient to renew your heavy clients as thin clients.

When to Vuem it will allow you to optimize your workstation based on the configuration of the latter:

  • CPU and I/O disk : allows to protect the user against the peaks of CPU consumption by dynamically analyzing all the processes used by the users. This mechanism is based on the native principle of process priority Windows dynamically adapting to the behavior of users. Also allows to set the maximum threshold of consumption of certain applications that are known to be particularly consumers of CPU
  • RAM : agent optimizes the RAM by asking applications to recalculate the amount of RAM needed for the proper functioning of the applications frequently and avoiding that they reserve the RAM without you actually need

but not that always from the same console you will be able to:

  • add shortcuts on the desktop or in the start menu,
  • change the registry database,
  • allow or prohibit access to certain settings or displays (hidden drive C :),
  • mount printers network (possible import),
  • set up profiles,
  • etc,…)

II. requirements

  • have the source to install Norskale, you can download them from the site Norskale :


  • NET Framework 4 at least,
  • use SQL Server Compact Edition 3.5 SP3 for the Vuem cache, (sera installé lors de l’installation par le setup.exe)
  • Microsoft Sync Framework 2.1 , (sera installé lors de l’installation par le setup.exe)
  • Server SQL 2008 R2 at least: so that Norskale can create its base and have access to this last read/write,
  • power read access only to the Active Directory ,

III. Installation of the infrastructure Norskale service

first step: Installation of the EXE: “ Norskale Infrastructure Services Setup ‘:


I will not detail this executable installed, no configuration is necessary.

After installation you can see 2 new programs:


the utility “ Database Management ” will allow us to create the BDD Norskale. As to “ Configuration Service Broker”, allows you to configure your broker in order to use it through the console we will soon install. ”

IV. Configuration of the Broker

A. Creation of the Norskale database

first step: run ‘Database Management’ and click on ‘Create Database’:


Server and Instance Name: fill in the name of the SQL Server and instance,

Database Name: indicate the name you want to give to the BDD Norskale ,

deuxieme step “Identifying Information from the SQL Server”: free for you choose if you want to use a SQL account or the account with which you are connected to create the base. Attention, must have your account privileges.

Third step “Vuem Administration”: choose the Group of users who can administer Vuem from the console.

‘Security of the database ‘: Broker Database Connection uses Windows Security” for the Vuem service to run from a specific user.

Set specific password for Vuem SQL User: to specify a more complex password for the account VUEM User .

“Configuration summary” step 4: click on “Create Database” to validate.


B. Configuration of the broker

tab Database: fill in the name of the server SQL as well as its Instance. Do the same thing if you have a standby server. Can find out the name of the previously created database.

Network tab: Leave default.

Advanced tab: Enable Windows Impersonation Account: to connect to the DB, Norskale uses its own user “VuemUser”, it is possible to specify another account (windows) and a password,

VUEM SQL Account Password: if the latter for been defined during creation of the Database must then inform here,

Broker Cache Refresh Delay : defines the time of sync between the broker and the BDD,

Broker SQL State Monitor Delay: defines the time in seconds from the questions between the broker and the SQL Server,

Enable Debug Mode: enables verbose mode (very useful in case of problems),

Use Cache Even if Online: uses information cached even if the broker is available



V. Installation and connection to the console

run the exe ‘ Norskale Administration Console Setup.exe “.” I does not detail the installation of the console, the latter requires no setup.

After installing a new program is available:


after you open the console, click on ‘ Connect “and fill the server where is installed the broker and its port if you have changed the default:


VI. Conclusion

end of the first part of this tutorial. Next time I will present the Norskale console by making a few settings and we will also see the installation of the agent on a client machine in order to see the effects of the configuration made beforehand and, later, in a third tutorial, we’ll talk about optimizations 😀