How to increase the conversion rate of my blog? [Quick Guide]

12:21 am May 17, 201711979

conversion rate is an indicator of performance major because it tells you the percentage of people who are willing to engage for you / your business. Ask yourself how to increase the conversion rate of a blog ? Here are a few tips that can help maximize your visitors commitments.

augmenter le taux de conversion de mon blog

1 – create long content to increase the conversion rate of my blog

write lengthy content appears to be effective when you want to increase its conversion rate. SEOs have indeed noticed that the more articles of 2000 words are better positioned as short articles in the results of Google . It is however necessary to propose the content interesting and well optimized so that it applies. Whatever it is, better positioning means automatically more traffic and so, more likely to get conversions. a must for a blog profitable .
Ideally, make sure to write stories of approximately 2,500 words when you want get a strong commitment : your visitors will appreciate your involvement and the fact that the content is free, they will more likely to share this type of article or put it in their favorites if he for a particular interest. Finally, remember that the quality is just as important as quality.

2 – integrate keywords long tail

you want to optimize your long articles in order to generate maximum conversions ? Improving the conversion rate , nothing like the long tail keywords. Remember that these groups of keywords correspond to specific queries entered by users in the search engines. So we’ll talk about key word for the term “pen” for example, while we discuss the long tail on a query of type ‘buy a pen on the Champs Elysées’. Position yourself on the long tail keywords will allow you to further target your audience , which is most likely to engage or buy your products . If we take the example given, a seller of pens on the Champs Elysees will increase my conversion rate if it is placed on keywords long tail; If he tried to stand on the word “pen” only, it would have first a lot of competition but more would attract an audience mostly not interested in its products.

you must use a maximum of long tail keywords in your long content! More you use, the more you multiply your chances of get volume in traffic … and this volume will be already targeted, you will receive visitors already “filtered”.

3 – the principle of the funnel to purchase to boost conversion rates

principle the purchase funnel works pretty well when it comes to blog . As a reminder, the funnel works like this:

  • the prospect becomes aware of the product/service it needs.
  • he begins to do research, to compare;
  • it takes its decision to purchase.

unless you propose a completely new product, the prospect should arrive on your site in the phase 2: “did some research, compare. You must provide detailed information about what he’s looking for, solutions, answers. Your content must align with the intention of users of your site. Keep in mind that a user is not a buyer, it’s a “passerby” to give confidence and facilitate access to your products.

4 – use the Search Console tool to improve its content

you can never say it enough: content is King! The tool Search Console Google will allow you to increase the conversion rate of your blog thanks to a fairly simple technique: go to and search traffic analysis research. Once in space, set up your console to get the CTR (click through rate) on your articles. If you notice that some URLs get more than 30% CTR, then, this means that users are interested in the answers that your site offers; It may therefore be interesting to optimize these articles in order to fully meet their expectations and so increase the conversion rate of a blog .

5 – leverage tools for sharing and capture

Insert sharing tools will allow you to increase the conversion rate of your blog . To do this, you can offer:

  • a subscription by e-mail;
  • download.
  • a free trial;
  • to love your Facebook.
  • to follow you on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Google +, etc.
  • subscribe to your Youtube Channel.

the best email addresses “capture” tool is undoubtedly the pop-up window. To not weigh down your page or go unnoticed in the eyes very fast and eager users, preferably limit your form to 3 fields. Ideally, offer only a single field to fill in: the email address. You need to be attractive, convincing, persuasive.

what to remember to increase the rate of conversion of a site

to increase the conversion rate of a blog , should be offered preferably long, rich in information and content punctuated effective long tail keywords (that you will have determined upstream). This will allow you to run a relevant traffic to your blog… and who says said relevant traffic conversion rate that explodes . Don’t forget to create calls, using tools: form, products available to download, etc. Your blog must be easy to access, it must be written in clear and simple words because remember that the compact is the impact!
Once you have created new content, improved the most wanted items, and made your blog more attractive, you should naturally increase the conversion rate of the blog . More your hearing will be faithful and committed, most likely you have a profitable blog … that one of the solutions is to live blog !

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