How to import a CSV file in KeePass? [Quick Guide]

10:36 pm April 12, 201713448

I. introduction

today ‘ today, we will see together a trick with the KeePass software because we will achieve a bulk data import in KeePass from a CSV file . We can imagine having input an Excel file with of many login/passwords and you want to insert data in a database KeePass.

To follow the video version of this tutorial:

II. Procedure

first, prepare your Excel file by putting at least 3 columns, finally 2 for say that the ‘Title’ column is optional except that you won’t have a title in your KeePass entries.

Order and the column names are not important but I would say that we can dispense with names of columns for this import in KeePass to make it more clear, we will define three columns: title, Login, password – the name of the columns for no importance to KeePass.

You then save the Excel file (XLS or XLSX) to the CSV format, via the file menu then save – as.

Thereafter it will happen in full in KeePass, open an existing database that is to receive the entries to import or a new database. Then click on “ File ” and “ Import “.

You will notice that the import process is compatible with many solutions, whether the older versions of KeePass, a generic CSV (what interests us) or so the import of databases from other managers of passwords.

We then watch closer configuration of the block “ Syntax ” since the separator does not look right ( Field Separator ). In fact, by default Excel generates a CSV with a separator “;” on the other hand in KeePass the comma is shown by default, this must change.

It is also interesting to check the option “ Ignore First Row ” to avoid that the first line of our CSV file, corresponding to the column header, be taken into account and that an entry in KeePass is generated with the values of the headers.

Note: According to the order of your columns in your CSV file, you can swap the fields, or even add, in the section “ Semantics “.

Finally, in the “Preview” tab you can control and preview how your data will be distributed in KeePass. Logically, everything is OK if you followed this tutorial correctly. Otherwise check your separator and the order of the columns in the semantic section.

It remains more to validate and entries will be created in your KeePass database. They will be positioned at the root of your KeePass database, I found no way to create them directly in a subfolder (Group) of the database.

To complete and after checking that creating mass worked, remove your CSV file to avoid leaving trainer a file with identifiers in the clear 😉