How to hide apps and features on the iPad from

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If you give your iPad or iPhone out of your hand, you can lock individual apps.  In this way, a child safety feature can be set. Show or hide certain apps, if you give your iPad times. The locked apps are hidden on the device and are without no longer disable the lock.

apps hide lock apps, follow these steps.

  1. you go to the point General – restrictions settings.
  2. turn the function option constraints enable a. The following is a two-time query of the desired PIN code. Remember well the code!
  3. now you can set the protection for all the apps below.
iPhone Apps sperren
in the limitations of the iPhone and iPad, you can lock apps.
  • In addition, you can functions to block, how about changing account information or delete apps.
  • in permissible content choose you still, what ratings apply to movies or apps in restricted mode.

read here how apps on the iPhone or iPad to delete .

so protection

the most important works are the facts about the apps lock on iPhone and iPad:

  • providing limitations function on a selective blocking.
  • the logic is that if activated the unwanted apps are hidden and all previously set functions can not be performed.
  • as can be about in-app purchases or disable deleting apps.

full reactivate

of course you can also at any time turn off the lock. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. you go to the point settings – restrictions .
  2. the options are the previously defined four-digit PIN only after entering accessible.
  3. tap disable limitations, enter the PIN for safety again and you iPad or iPhone is unlocked. See the next tip on how you can disable the Control Panel on the start screen of the iPad or iPhone


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